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[What has no thumbs and is sick to death of gods and sorcerers and magic spears and all the similar crap that keeps popping up? This AI.

Well, actually, her hologram has thumbs, but they're currently not visible behind the equally holographic folded arms.]

Poll: how many of you are from universes where the supernatural is real? Magic, gods, shoe-making elves that aren't just a parable about virtue, whatever.

[Why Grimm's Fairy Tales? Why not Grimm's Fairy Tales? It's all equally nonsense as far as thorough-going materialist Cortana is concerned.]
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[Tucker looked...well, it was hard to tell because his helmet's on, but there was something annoyed in his movements. Behind him was a room that seemed mostly barren and militaristic aside from the tossed about mess, a room that might seem familiar to his Chorus friends really, and the camera shook a little as he plucked something off a wall. It was turned over in his hand before he pointed it at the camera. A photograph, one with five human kids holding basketballs, and one that's...a little different.]

Since someone brought it up and now we're talking about it, yeah, I've got a kid. His name is Junior and he's amazing and I'm super freakin' proud of him. He can kick anyone's ass in basketball, is a freaking diplomat and on a scholarship, he knows at least ten different words for "dick", and he hasn't bitten a person in at least three months. He got a ribbon at school for that one.

[He pulled the picture back and put it on the wall again; there was one in his wallet, too. He was, in some few and far between ways, like every other dad out there, just with better jokes.]

He's the best goddamn thing about being a Chosen One. [There was a momentary pause, because--]...Okay, so maybe he's tied with the sword.

Don't ask specifics. Just know that childbirth sucks, I don't want to talk about that, but I'll tell you how damn amazing my son is if you want to listen. And I know I'm not the only one with weird families, so come on and spill it.
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[There is a nerdy looking teenager on the Omnicomm, clad in a slightly more advanced version of the Spider-Man suit than many who knew any of his counterparts would be familiar with.]

..so...um..Hi? Sorry, Never really had to introduce myself to a 31st-century superhero team. I guess I should just jump right in? I'm Peter. Peter Parker. And it case It wasn't obvious, I'm also Spider-Man. Powers are being able to do whatever a spider can. Well, mostly. The webbing isn't biological, it's actually a shear-thinning adhesive I made which is...not really something I need to talk about right now.

I've been doing this for a while, already, although not really anywhere near this kind of scale. Mostly just normal crime. Biggest thing I've ever had to deal with by myself was fighting a guy with wings on the outside of a cargo plane. That was flying. And also invisible. Which was kind of completely terrifying, but not thing eating everything that will ever exist terrifying.

Also, I should add one more thing just so people don't think I'm talking to myself like a crazy person. Or crazier person, anyways. Apparently, she thinks she can patch into the omnicomm to take it from here, so I'll let her do that.

Hello there. My name is Karen. I'm an AI developed by Tony Stark to assist Peter in his work as Spider-Man and help him control the various functions of his suit. It's nice to meet you.

Anyways, that's me, I guess. What about you guys? Who am I teaming up with?


Sep. 10th, 2017 09:51 pm
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Is the anon meme always this ... [He trails off, swirling the half-empty highball of something alcoholic in his hand as he searches for the right word. He settles on:] Colorful?

[He chuckles, scrolling down the page. Facially, he's not the easiest guy to read, but everything here just screams amusement.]
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[cw: While there is mention of child abuse, it's in regards to charges pressed, nothing graphic is shown.]

[The Legion World staff maintains a feed of all Legion-related media so Legionnaires can be kept abreast of any reporting that's done on them. Two women appear on the screen, sitting at a desk, their appearances altered by glam filters so that one is all pink hair and skin and sparkles, and the other is all in blues. They look pretty flashy and tacky but this is the future. Reporters don't exist anymore; they're "personalities" now. More serious news outlets have already reported on the Brainiacs; this is one of the fluffier retrospective programs that have aired.]

Shellee: I'm Shellee Star! [That would be the pink one.]

Tammee: And I'm Tammee Tim! [That would be the blue one.]

Together: And this is Legion Watch! [They say it in unison in the perkiest voices possible and a stylized graphic of the words "Legion Watch" appear at the bottom of the screen. Occasional clickable sidelinks pop up as the news show goes on.]
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[When Kid Q shows on screen, her costume is singed, she's got a few bandaged burns, and she's got a very rakish eyepatch (which will fortunately be temporary). Beyond looking about as dinged up as they all are, she's beaming. And yet exhausted.]

[That doesn't mean she's got a whole motivational speech prepared like usual.]

I'm gonna try to make this as motivational as usual, but seeing as I only slept 3 hours over the past three days, I make no promises. [She gestures "no" dramatically with her arm.]
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[After Brainy and Babbage disappear, cameras start broadcasting from where they were taken to. The entire encounter is shown to the team and the rest of the UP. When Earth is taken through the portal, Legion World lurches, and at the end of it all, when the traps are tripped, it lurches again. Lights all over the ship go out, fires starts, systems fail. Only lockdown procedures that Brainy himself put in place, to protect Legion World’s most vital systems if he were ever compromised by telepathy or other influences, keep the viruses from self-destructing the ship or turning off life support -- but they’re certainly trying to.]

[The network goes back up again fairly quickly, however, but it’s using a much older, inferior form of networking. Something a little more distance-based and analog, a little less hackable.]

[They’ll be able to communicate again, but there’s a lot of interference. Sometimes the video goes out during video calls and sometimes audio cracks up. Text seems to be the only form of communication that’s guaranteed to go through every time.]

[ooc: People can react and start planning things on this post. This is also where information about the Spectre's attack will get dropped.]
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[Brainiac has been a little distant lately, beyond staying on top of his usual Legionnaire duties. Now that the UP is no longer treating him like a pariah there’s been a greater call for him to get involved in solving certain problems for the UP. It’s the way things used to be in the past, before a chunk of the Legion went missing. His role as problem-solver had often extended far beyond his role in the Legion.]

[In the past, he’d faced such requests with quiet diligence, but after his treatment by the UP public, now he’s been reluctant. He still does the work, because what he said to the Legion of Supervillains holds true. He refuses to let his annoyance or hurt feelings influence whether he does the right thing or not, whether he acts the way a Legionnaire should.]

[But Saturn Queen making him feel the hate millions of sentients had held for him makes it difficult to care.]

[It’s even more difficult since people in the UP keep heaping on the praise over every little thing, to assuage their guilt. Just last week he single-handedly rescued an entire science conference from tech pirates and the UP Council tried to give him a medal. He declined, naturally.]

[So today is a rare day of him actually being pleased -- albeit also faintly embarrassed -- about being rewarded with something. When he shows up on the comms, he’s unwrapping a gift. Other gifts are piled all over the lab tables and in massive heaps on the floors. Invisible Kid and Babbage are in the background helping to sort them.]

As all of you can see, I’m currently drowning in gift items, so if any of you think you might be interested in any of them, you’re welcome to take whatever you please. I can’t possibly make use of them all and I’d prefer that as few of them went to waste as possible.

[He face tinges slightly darker green.]

Despite all my efforts to convince them of the contrary, the Roboticans consider my birthday to be a planetary holiday. They call it “Maker’s Day.”

[He pulls out yet another “Galaxy’s Best Dad” mug, and puts it in a cabinet with several others to work it into his mug rotation. While he’s embarrassed, he’s also clearly pleased. The insincere, guilt-induced appreciation of much of the UP pales in comparison to the genuine care and appreciation of the species he created.]

They’re not all mugs, so some of you might find some of them useful or amusing.

[ooc: Despite starting so innocuous, shit's going to get real in this post, and lead to catastrophic events for Legion World and the UP that kick off both the "Resistance Is Futile" and "An Eye For An Eye" plots. OOC posts for both plots will go up shortly, after a few things are revealed. If you'd like to opt out of both plots, there will be opt-outs. In that case, we recommend not having your character comment to this post.]
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[ The background audio is pretty quiet, just the odd white noise of York's habitat as he, well. Wonders at nothing in particular after a long night of coding. It's roughly the ass end of the morning, about 3 AM. ]


Jul. 3rd, 2017 12:00 am
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Well, isn't this nice?

[Peter has a mug of coffee clasped between his hands and is wearing an obnoxiously acid green t-shirt. You can take the man out of the gym, but you can't take the gym out of the man. His tastes haven't changed that much.]

Electricity. Hot running water. Coffee. As much alcohol as I can imbibe. It's delightful.

[Yes, he does intend to take advantage of the new-found luxury.]

I would love to say that I'm shocked to be here and all those platitudes about trying to adjust, but really, this makes about as much sense as anything else that's happened to me in the last few years.

Zombie apocalypse, insane hippies with mind-control rays, people growing lizard scales... superheroes and alternate realities seems like the next logical step, as far as logic has anything to do with it.

[He takes a long drink of his coffee.]

Oh yes. You can call me Peter. I'm... A Runner, entertainer, part-time spy and occasional meat shield. I'm sure we'll have a marvellous time together.


Jun. 28th, 2017 04:00 pm
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[Oh, hey, it's Babbage. And he's waving.]

I'm back! And bearing gifts! Not for everyone, sorry. I only have so much budget.

So, first order of business, I had fun at the movie festival. It was good all around. Managed to meet up with some old friends and handle old business. We're going to get together for a project in the near future, so I'm hoping everyone can keep the universe safe until then.

Timber Wolf: I found some crystal statues for the cub. They work as data crystals too, so that'll be useful as he ages up!

[The statues in question are about four inches high. Red, gold, green, and blue. No black, unfortunately. But they're all done up as Legionnaires. Some time went into that.]

Kid Quantum: A non-magnetic alarm clock!

[He just figured it'd be useful.]

Wash! I have a movie! Maybe you can show it at movie night if you like, it might be a bit too old for your tastes. I haven't seen it yet, but it's supposed to be a legendary feature!

And Cortana, Delta, Theta, I picked up something for us, too.

[The camera focuses back on Babbage and zooms out. He's wearing a... very brightly striped polo shirt. Blue with gold stripes. He's holding up three more, one sized for her and the other two in miniature for Delta and Theta.]

I was thinking that if we decided on a team theme, we could go with green and magenta thread for the letters. Green outline, magenta filling?

Everyone else, I got you some mugs! They play soothing jazz when filled with coffee. The hotter the coffee, the more soothing. The lower the liquid level gets, the more energetic the jazz! Or you can just use the controls in the handles, that works too.
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[Klaxons suddenly start blaring through Legion World, due to certain alarms set in the lab complex. Something has exploded. Somethings, plural, judging from what's visible on the screen when Brainy's message broadcasts. Half the lab is trashed and smoking. Fortunately for Brainy's labmates, anything that isn't Brainy's experiments is apparently shielded, but he has no problems with destroying his adult self's work.]

[It's not really that he's doing it on purpose so much as he's reverted to a time where blowing up labs was part of his standard methodology.]

[He's ten, and even the small amount of self-control and restraint he had as a teenager is now gone. What isn't gone is his intellect, which means his capacity for destruction is...extensive.]

Ignore the alarms. My idiotic adult self seems to have developed a more limiting view regarding lab safety. Philistine.

[His voice is colder now, almost robotic.]

There's only a 1.4563 % chance this experiment will destroy Legion World. So all of you little people can simply carry on with your mundane existence.

[The experiment he's working on is glowing ominously and throbbing, making a strange WOMMM noise that keeps increasing in volume and frequency. He doesn't seem to be alarmed by it, though he does pull goggles down over his eyes.]

[ooc: Anyone can respond to this but the action thread to stop it has already been promised to Wash and York.]
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[ Grif is in one of Legion World's lounges. There's a space future pool table behind him, set up for a game. ]

Hey Legion, how's it going?

[ Wait. No. He holds up a hand. ]

Rhetorical question, don't answer that, it's not what I'm here for. What I'm here to talk to you about today is superpowers.

[ He's found his stride, and taken an almost public-service-announcement tone. ]

Do you have strange new abilities since coming to space? Were you just extra cool before the rest of us and nothing changed? Cause I definitely want to know what you guys got in the Time Trapper lottery and please make it look as awesome as possible.

[ He grins a little. Superpowers are the best. ]

For those of you who are new, which is most of who I'm talking to here? I'm Grif. Doubletime if you want to go all codename on me but... Grif. Really. Sometimes I look like this:

[ He scoops a space-age looking helmet painted bright orange off the floor, presumably, then drops it again with a thunk. It's armor, he's not gonna break it, right? ]

And me? I got this.

[ Grif disappears in an orange blur and suddenly, the pool table clears itself in a flurry of indistinct motion. He comes back down from super speed and casually leans the cue against it. If anyone bothers to slow that down, it was an absolutely disgraceful display and he cheated at least six times. Grif is super smug. ]

So yeah. I kind of got the best power already? Sorry.

[ Oh right, there was something else he wanted. ]

And everybody else? Uh. Anything new that's cool? ...Or just tell me how the last mission went for you. I got to go into the past and wrestle Batman and stuff. He's kind of a dick, honestly.

((( This is a free for all mingle post! Grif will reply to everyone who responds, but this also an invitation to threadjack. If you want to have a character jump into a thread somewhere with anyone else you are absolutely welcome and, in fact, encouraged. This is set after Gods Among Us / To Have And To Hold / The Other Mother and before Time Ripples, so it is slightly backdated to give characters a chance to meet the regular versions of each other before the nonsense begins.
If there's anything I can do to improve your dumb Grif-assisted minglepost experience, feel free to ping me at [plurk.com profile] zitasaurusrex.)))
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Quick Check in for Members of Project Freelancer, the UNSC, and our mutual associates- or anyone that wants to get word out about themselves having changed or not changed or...whatever. Has questions? This is Agent York and Delta, so far we're unaffected by this time ripple thing. Connie, North, Wash, Grif, Chief, Theta, Cortana, Locus, Azucar, Parker, Pidge, Fareeha, Amélie - and anyone else I'm forgetting, shoot me a text back, alright?

I'll deliver pancakes and blankets or other care package items if needed. If you'd rather come talk in person swing by my habitat, I'll be hanging in the bar. Directions are below. Also, Jason- buddy? Swing by, I feel like I owe you a beer.

[ In neat green lines there's a little holographic map showing how to get to York's dive bar from the recipient's current location, wherever they might be. ]

Specific refreshments are available upon request.


Jun. 3rd, 2017 02:26 pm
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[Oh, hey, seems like someone's finally figured out how to use the camera function on his omnicomm! He's just. Older. A lot older.]

For the record, I blame Gohan and Videl for this. We were just fine until they started jumping and skipping up and down the timeline.

It's pretty obvious what's going on, so let's not have a bunch of people freak out over someone being younger than they should be. Kids, don't do anything stupid. Adults, keep an eye out for the kids. Business as usual. We've been at this for over half a year now, no reason to fuck it up just because the status quo's been shaken a bit.


Jun. 3rd, 2017 10:23 am
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[ There's a perplexed looking young man in view of the screen. Anyone familiar with Locus will probably recognize him, but something's definitely different. That tell-tale x-shaped scar? Gone. His hair is shorter, hanging just below his jaw. Moreover, his eyes don't quite hold that thousand-yard-stare to them just yet.

He looks, well. Teenaged.

He's also holding Luna up to view. She's purring heavily, but he appears bewildered by her presence, if anything. ]

Does anyone know whose cat this is? I just...found her here when I woke up.


May. 24th, 2017 10:26 pm
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[This day had to come eventually, didn't it? Just another one of those damn Blood Gulch Sim Troops arriving here to crash the party, and predictability a little late like always. But hey, it wasn't like he hadn't been busy saving a planet or being blissfully retired or anything equally as important. Nope.

The video shifted a little as Tucker tried to set it upright, but it soon found itself quickly propped at an angle that said this wasn't his first time recording himself; the purpose of such skills would be left up to the viewer to guess at their own discretion. But hey, have Tucker with that beautiful aqua colored armor looking right back at you, even as he sat back down and tried to appear relaxed, cool, okay with ...well, all this. All this.

Ladies in hot tight superhero outfits definitely helped.]

So, yeah, Tucker here. [It felt like an interview with Dylan. Good thing talking about himself was one of his favorite things to do.] Please try to contain your applause, but ladies, feel free to toss your bras in my general direction.

[No shame, this one.]

You know, I was kind of busy back home. [With Church shit. It was always Church shit, and there wasn't a single damn regret for it; in a way, he hoped it kept being Church shit because that meant that bastard was still around. Tucker wanted to be back there, needed to be back there because--] Those idiots - my idiots - have no one to lead them now unless you count Sarge and no one counts Sarge. Shit, I don't even think the Reds count Sarge. Okay, so maybe Simmons does, but whatever.

[He sighed, rubbing his hand over his helmet before he just waved his hand.] But cool, superpowers, am I right? I mean, if I was getting chicks before, I'm getting triple chicks now.

[Let the record show that he was not, in fact, getting ladies before, and that the triple of "zero" is still "zero".]

Look, I just want to get this shit done and over with so I can get back to being a badass back home and get my shit done. So, you know, I'll do what I have to, I guess.

[There's a sigh, that burden of few choices and responsibility - ew - before he cocked is head up.]

Hey, important final question: where do all the hotties hang out around here? There's the title of wingman up for grabs if you tell me.

[At least the video ends there, and everyone was probably better for it.]
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[Wash looks a bit better than he did a week ago; turns out a successful mission and a plan for the future really do help.]

We've all seen the Legionnaire Legacies, and I'm pretty sure we're all tired of them. Well, Mirage is a genius, and she had an idea: we'll make fake ones. Use our Anywhere Machine to pull real footage, create fake footage to supplement it, write our own narratives, and broadcast them. It'll discredit the press, and it might keep them off our backs, because there's no reason to broadcast someone's past if it's already been done by someone else.

So. Who's in?
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[When Kid Q goes on the comms for the post-mission debrief, she is smiling. Smiling smiling smiling.]

I'm happy to report that both of the recent missions were a complete success. After we weakened Tsarista by breaking out of all her story scenarios, we managed to re-capture her in an omnicom. Some of our allies from Sorcerer's World have given us some assistance in providing better magical protections around her prison.

[Her smile widens slightly and goes mischievous.]

If anyone wants to see the pictures we got of Brainy turned into an adorable forest creature, Timber Wolf is making the rounds.
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Apr. 12th, 2017 09:41 am
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I greet you, my fellow Legionnaires.

[ The image accompanying said greeting is that of a young woman with pointed ears and tattoos across the upper part of her face, peering inquisitively into the camera. She thinks she's got this broadcast option thing down. ]

In case we haven't met? My name is Marjara.

[ Her lips quirk upwards, before her expression grows a little more somber. ]

I've been thinking something through. And I think I know what I want to do. But a little experience from other people who might have gone through similar circumstances would help. I think.

[ She's not going to ask them to choose for her. Gods knew she'd never let someone make her mind up for her before now, and she wasn't about to start...but learning about the shift? The consequences? The little things that came along with it that you might not initially think about? Might be worth the time to ask. ]

Have any of you lost a part of you, a limb or...something else of similar importance, and chose to have it replaced? Would you be willing to speak of what it was like for you?

If not, I still thank you for your time.


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