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[ Tadashi is reclining in a bed in medical, wearing the beatific smile of the enlightened and the well and truly stoned. ]

I love biology. Well, no, I'm enthusiastic about biology, I don't love it. I love programming and engineering and my family and helping people. Not in that order. Maybe in that order in regards to science. Except programming and engineering are the tools I use to help people, but I do love them too.

[ He stares off into space for a moment, then shakes himself and focuses back on the camera again. ]
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[ The post drifts up onto the comms one evening, just a simple line of text to ask a simple question:]

guys, how do aliens know when other aliens are hot?
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[There is a nerdy looking teenager on the Omnicomm, clad in a slightly more advanced version of the Spider-Man suit than many who knew any of his counterparts would be familiar with.] Sorry, Never really had to introduce myself to a 31st-century superhero team. I guess I should just jump right in? I'm Peter. Peter Parker. And it case It wasn't obvious, I'm also Spider-Man. Powers are being able to do whatever a spider can. Well, mostly. The webbing isn't biological, it's actually a shear-thinning adhesive I made which is...not really something I need to talk about right now.

I've been doing this for a while, already, although not really anywhere near this kind of scale. Mostly just normal crime. Biggest thing I've ever had to deal with by myself was fighting a guy with wings on the outside of a cargo plane. That was flying. And also invisible. Which was kind of completely terrifying, but not thing eating everything that will ever exist terrifying.

Also, I should add one more thing just so people don't think I'm talking to myself like a crazy person. Or crazier person, anyways. Apparently, she thinks she can patch into the omnicomm to take it from here, so I'll let her do that.

Hello there. My name is Karen. I'm an AI developed by Tony Stark to assist Peter in his work as Spider-Man and help him control the various functions of his suit. It's nice to meet you.

Anyways, that's me, I guess. What about you guys? Who am I teaming up with?
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I'm also getting word that the Spectre has decided to grace the UP with his presence again -- with the worst timing ever.

Takron-Galtos is under attack, and he's killing many of the inmates inside. Due to the attack and the tech failures, the prison's security team is also failing at securing the inmate population, and need help preventing the uprising that's fomenting.

I'm sending a team to defend the lives of the inmate population and use the Spear of Destiny and trap the Spectre once and for all. You'll also be responsible for securing the prison to make sure none of the prisoners take advantage of the chaos being caused by the Spectre and the Brainiac to escape.

You'll be operating with very little chance of backup. With the mechanoforms, we're already outnumbered several hundred thousand to one on Colu. This team is going to have work independently, with little outside assistance, and may have to contend with emergency t-gate failures causing extraction to be impossible until the Brainiac crisis is over.

Due to the...theological implications and the Spectre's MO being affected by personal history, this mission is going to rely on volunteers.

For those that haven't faced the Spectre before, I'll be sending you a case file on our past encounters and how he operates.

[She draws in a deep breath.]

Releasing him to defeat Galactus was one of our only options, but this is still our mess. It's time to clean it up once and for all.

[ooc: Locked to characters participating in "An Eye For an Eye." All others can be assumed as being on missions. This can be used for IC planning against the Spectre itself and the characters deciding who should wield the spear.]
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[After Brainy and Babbage disappear, cameras start broadcasting from where they were taken to. The entire encounter is shown to the team and the rest of the UP. When Earth is taken through the portal, Legion World lurches, and at the end of it all, when the traps are tripped, it lurches again. Lights all over the ship go out, fires starts, systems fail. Only lockdown procedures that Brainy himself put in place, to protect Legion World’s most vital systems if he were ever compromised by telepathy or other influences, keep the viruses from self-destructing the ship or turning off life support -- but they’re certainly trying to.]

[The network goes back up again fairly quickly, however, but it’s using a much older, inferior form of networking. Something a little more distance-based and analog, a little less hackable.]

[They’ll be able to communicate again, but there’s a lot of interference. Sometimes the video goes out during video calls and sometimes audio cracks up. Text seems to be the only form of communication that’s guaranteed to go through every time.]

[ooc: People can react and start planning things on this post. This is also where information about the Spectre's attack will get dropped.]
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[ Judging by the fake sunlight, Grif is somewhere on the hab deck. Somewhere open, with a bright sky, but most of the frame is taken up by his helmet and shoulders so it's hard to pick out where exactly.

Despite his conversational tone he sounds... sort of tired. There's an edge in his voice that doesn't really show up in his usual bullshit comm posts. ]

Time travel. We all hate time travel.

[ Count on Grif to be able to read the team mood, right? ]

So, here's some time travel life advice: If somebody from the future ever tells you that you shouldn't ask future questions and know future stuff and it's for the best if you don't know, trust them?

It's not for your best and you need to tell them to fuck off. Trust me instead.

[ It's just a friendly PSA. There is no way he's vagueing about Wash Tucker anyone that anyone here knows. Not at all. This is just Grif being topical and irreverent, the scamp.

...But really, he's actually pretty upset right now. He's gained 5 years' worth of memory, and his most recent involves writing off everyone he thought he considered a friend. Grif is still mad. And, perhaps, though he wouldn't admit it, just a little hurt. ]

((NOTE: Grif has been updated to episode 6 of season 15. ))
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[ Grif is in one of Legion World's lounges. There's a space future pool table behind him, set up for a game. ]

Hey Legion, how's it going?

[ Wait. No. He holds up a hand. ]

Rhetorical question, don't answer that, it's not what I'm here for. What I'm here to talk to you about today is superpowers.

[ He's found his stride, and taken an almost public-service-announcement tone. ]

Do you have strange new abilities since coming to space? Were you just extra cool before the rest of us and nothing changed? Cause I definitely want to know what you guys got in the Time Trapper lottery and please make it look as awesome as possible.

[ He grins a little. Superpowers are the best. ]

For those of you who are new, which is most of who I'm talking to here? I'm Grif. Doubletime if you want to go all codename on me but... Grif. Really. Sometimes I look like this:

[ He scoops a space-age looking helmet painted bright orange off the floor, presumably, then drops it again with a thunk. It's armor, he's not gonna break it, right? ]

And me? I got this.

[ Grif disappears in an orange blur and suddenly, the pool table clears itself in a flurry of indistinct motion. He comes back down from super speed and casually leans the cue against it. If anyone bothers to slow that down, it was an absolutely disgraceful display and he cheated at least six times. Grif is super smug. ]

So yeah. I kind of got the best power already? Sorry.

[ Oh right, there was something else he wanted. ]

And everybody else? Uh. Anything new that's cool? ...Or just tell me how the last mission went for you. I got to go into the past and wrestle Batman and stuff. He's kind of a dick, honestly.

((( This is a free for all mingle post! Grif will reply to everyone who responds, but this also an invitation to threadjack. If you want to have a character jump into a thread somewhere with anyone else you are absolutely welcome and, in fact, encouraged. This is set after Gods Among Us / To Have And To Hold / The Other Mother and before Time Ripples, so it is slightly backdated to give characters a chance to meet the regular versions of each other before the nonsense begins.
If there's anything I can do to improve your dumb Grif-assisted minglepost experience, feel free to ping me at [ profile] zitasaurusrex.)))


May. 16th, 2017 11:14 pm
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[The image on the screen shows a blue haired girl in a rather interesting outfit taking her pledge to join the Legion.]

To the Legion of Superheroes I make this solemn pledge: To use my powers for good. To fight for justice and protect the innocent. To aid my fellow Legionnaires in times of peril and to keep their secrets safe.

I choose a new name to honor the heroes of the past. I am the Guardian of love and Intelligence, I am Sailor Mercury!

[She couldn't help but add in part of her usual introduction as she swore her oath. Back home she did what she could to protect people and that wouldn't change while she was here. The new powers would take some getting used to though.

After finishing her oath, she turns her attention back to the omnicom with a smile and a small bow.

Hello. My name is Sailor Mercury, but you may also call me Ami. I've only just arrived here, but I will do what I can to help.

I do have a question, does someone know where I might be able to find a library?
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[Miku has an uncharacteristic frown on her face, and she tugs lightly on a piece of her long fringe. Then, suddenly, she takes a deep breath and---]


[She bows quickly and then adds,] Sorry, this was for Brainiac.


Apr. 3rd, 2017 12:36 pm
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How's it so many of you are runnin' about and not bringin' back any stories with you? Some of us could use it you know! Instead of havin' 'em all dumped out when they drop those spots on the news, anyway.


Tracer is broadcasting from the monitor room, where she's clearly been serving out her duties with as much patience as she can muster (read: not a lot). Even with all of the activity, Tracer can't deal with the tedium. She's rigged up a way to continuously spin herself in a chair while she spends time dispatching Legionnaires as is expected of her. Even with that, she's incredibly restless, and has herself perched in the window, lounging on the sill in a manner that probably would be considered unsafe if she weren't capable of rewinding time around her.

Overwatch's systems were mostly automated. When a warning went out, the Strike Team left -- and that was the end of it. This dispatching nonsense makes her thankful that it never got quite as large, but also makes her nostalgic.

That's not the only thing, but. Well, its a big part of it. And while she's trying to think of a way to bring up that first thing without outing herself, she can be seen tapping her fingers nervously on the big glowing machine on her chest.]

...speakin' of stories. How many of you lot got families back where you came from? Maybe a better half...

[She pauses here -- not too long though. Don't want to be suspicious.] you think they're still lookin' for you? It's been a tick, hasn't it?
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[Miku keeps her eyes down. Behind her is her quarters, looking as inviting and comfortable (and ridiculously pink) as can be.] I wanted to ask a question. My older brother was a folklorist, and he used to tell me all sorts of old folktales while also writing about new, urban legends.

[She fiddles with the comb that keeps her bun in place.] A lot of the ones I know are... they're a bit messy. But, I thought there are so many other people here, I wouldn't mind hearing an urban legend or two from you? If you'd like to, of course.

I'll share mine, but... like I said a lot of them are, ah... a bit scary.

((TW For creepy things and stories that sometimes have gore and murder in them))


Mar. 14th, 2017 03:48 pm
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[Starting it with a hello was fine, he was sure. Still, talking to more people than just one was proving to be a difficult prospect. He'd have to call on experience from his past.]

While not a current priority, where would one go if one required both mechanical repair and medical attention? Can the medics fulfill both purposes?

I am willing to provide a service in exchange for this information. Simply let me know.

[A one-for-one. Hopefully that was enough. Genji gave a slight bow with two fingers in front of where his mouth would be before turning things off.]
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[The Legion World staff maintains a feed of all Legion-related media so Legionnaires can be kept abreast of any reporting that's done on them. This all happens nearly-live, with the newslinks picking up on it as it happens. It filters into the Legion news feed quickly.]
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Jan. 29th, 2017 12:49 am
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Unrelated to anything, purely out of curiosity, is anyone here afraid of heights, small, dark places, or drowning? Is there anyone who can't swim?


Jan. 19th, 2017 03:11 pm
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[The camera focuses in on Barry, who is sitting at the main desk in the STAR Labs cortex.]

Hey guys, girls, and anybody who may not identify as either. We've had a rough few days. Which is understating things by a lot, but I really don't want to get into an itemized list of how bad it's been.

So, I'm tossing up an introduction and meeting log so we have a way to get our minds off of it for a little while, and so we can get to know each other better. I know Grif usually handles this sort of thing, but it's been a while since he did, and it seemed like a good idea.

For anyone who hasn't done this before, just toss in your name, codename powers, a couple things you want us to know about you, and anything else you wanna talk about.

I'm Barry Allen, the Flash, and I have superspeed. I'm also a CSI, and I really like pepperoni, olive, and jalapeño pizza.

This is a free for all mingle post! Barry will reply to everyone who responds, but if you want to have a character jump into a conversation with anybody you are absolutely welcome and, in fact, encouraged. Feel free to have characters ignore the point, talk about other things, etc etc. Threads are assumed to be public unless you mark them otherwise. This is set after No Insanity Clause and Silent Horizon.))
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[ It’s been a very long week for Miku. The room behind her is spartan and bare, since she hasn’t found it in her to ask about decoration yet, trying to absorb her new status. She is very pale, with dark brown hair bundled behind her head in a massive bun, a face framed by thick fringe, and from the way her brown eyes keep looking away from the camera, quite nervous.

Introductions, after all, are always so scary.

Her hands are clasped together, thumb rubbing over the joint of her pinky over and over as she tries to think of what to say. The Legion ring catches the light, and she bites her lip for a moment before taking a breath and setting her narrow shoulders straight.]

Good evening, my name is Miku Hinasaki... but I’m told I should call myself "Recall" now. My abilities are... retrocognition, mostly. I look forward to working with you.

[She bows politely and straightens up again, then smiles a little.]

I’m... not sure what else I should say? [The feed turns off, after a little fumbling on Miku's part.]
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[If the young man that appears on the screen, sitting in his Medbay bed, looks like he's slightly in shock, it's because he is. Yes, the Medbay staff, Officer Erin, and RJ Brande explained it all, but that doesn't mean it was easy to accept as reality. The staff, worried about how he was dealing with it all (which was with a lot of yelling) had even called in a tiny little alien psychiatrist to speak to him.]

[She'd actually helped a lot (even if her sheer existence only added to how unreal everything felt) but that doesn't mean Yuuri is adjusting well. There's a part of him that's still not sure any of this is real, and even if it is, he's not sure what he's supposed to be doing.]

[He feels disconnected from everything. It's like his brain is watching a movie projected on the back of his eyes, and his body feels strange and heavy, like it's not his own, just dead weight he's tethered to. His brain is still swimming with everything they told him, with words like "end of existence," "you'll find that you have superpowers" and "could use your help" floating in and out of focus. He'd nodded in agreement to it all but his brain hadn't put it all together in a complete picture yet.]

Um. Mm.

[He makes some wordless muttering noises, looking for words. They told him there were other people here, that he could talk to, other people like him that had come from other worlds, but talking to new people is something he finds difficult on the best of days and this is probably one of the worst.]

My name's Yuuri Katsuki. I'm -- [He should say who he is, right? Say something about himself. Except it feels almost silly to say what he is. He's in a sci fi novel now, or a comic book, or something, so what does being an athlete matter in all this?]

[So he breaks off into another weird mumbly noise.]

I have ice powers. I don't have a superhero name yet. They said I have to have one, but I haven't really thought up a good one yet so if anyone has any suggestions, that would be... [He trails off.]

[His brows furrow and he reaches a shaking hand up to push his hair back.]

This is real, right? This is all actually real?


Dec. 3rd, 2016 03:03 pm
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[The video snaps into focus instantly, giving everyone a good look at Blue Rose chatting with a technician about adjustments to something in her hab. Given the half-finished look of the place, she's strutting through while everyone's still hard at work, making sure everything's just how she wants it. Better to do it now while they're there, after all. She beams at the camera for a moment.]

Hello, everyone! You'd think there'd be some kind of ceremony with a meeting or something. [Oh well.] I'm told this is probably where I'll be staying for the next few weeks until we've wrapped up this whole Chronoblivion situation, so I thought I'd extend a hand and introduce myself to everyone. Obviously I'm one of the newer arrivals. You can call me Blue Rose, or maybe Karina if I'm out of costume. One or the other, please. [She's well aware that there are some cultural difference here, but you've got to draw the line somewhere. She turns to a worker and waggles her fingers.] The softer yellow. The other shade would glare a bit, don't you think? Oh, you don't see the color? Well. Ah. Take my word for it. [She coughs and turns back.]

It's a pleasure to meet all of you! Really, it is. I don't think I've ever worked with so many NEXTs at once! It's kind of exciting. Anyway, why don't I talk a little about myself? Let's see, I'm eighteen years old. I've been a Hero with Titan Industries for almost four years now. I understand that's longer than a few of you, but I'm always willing to lend an ear if you've got any problems. [As long as they're not stupid problems.] I'm an elemental-type NEXT, I can make ice. I'd offer a demonstration, but I'd hate to interrupt the workers here by making a mess. So something small. [She holds up a hand and her eyes glow blue, with an accompanying aura. Slowly, a frosty rose forms between her fingers.] Tada!

Anyway, in addition to being a hero, I'm also an idol! I was looking forward to releasing my third album soon, but I think that's been put on hold. I don't think that will mean much here, though. Even if it wasn't another universe, a thousand years is a long time for music to remain popular, isn't it? Maybe I'll work on something new in my free time. [She turns away again when someone asks her something. She shakes her head, handing them the rose.] No, just a normal piano. I don't know how to work that one! Oh, just give me both, I'll learn that new one. Oh, can you add some cameras? I might start a new blog, and showing people how I work would be good. [And then she's back like she wasn't interrupted.]

Well, that's probably enough about me. If you've got any questions, feel free to ask! But, really, I'd rather hear about you all right now. Why don't you introduce yourselves?
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So um... I've been thinking about this for a while. Ever since we left Harrub, actually...

[ He grimaced a bit, pausing for a couple of seconds. Glancing off to the side, before taking a breath, and addressing the camera again. ]

But um, after the whole Murderworld thing... it's kind of become clear that some of us aren't... handling things that well... [ He was thinking about Videl specifically, but the anon meme has also made it clear Videl wasn't the only one. ] I know we all took the oath for various reasons, and we probably all expected different things out of becoming a superhero. But um, some of us probably didn't expect this... so...

... With the whole "Legionnaire Legacies" thing coming around the corner, I think we should... [ Another pause, as he tries to figure out how to phrase this. ] ... um... I guess, share our lives with each other? To make sure we're prepared, in case... in case the news digs up stuff about us, and tries to drag us through the mud with it.

[ This is so weird and strange and against everything Gohan knows. He's usually the most secretive person in the world, but... he's kind of had to cope with having an open identity, so might as well go all in. ]

I guess um, I should go first? My name's Gohan, and... if you have any personal questions for me, I'll be happy to answer them...


Nov. 21st, 2016 03:08 pm
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Guys, just ignore them. The more you respond to the anons and get angry at them, the more they're getting what they want. Just don't give them any attention and go about your usual stuff.

You matter to them more than their opinions should matter to you.


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