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[There's no getting around it. It's an essay. About the dangers of sugar abuse on your health, linked to several medical articles. In it, she links the abuse of sugar to depression, diabetes, dopamine imbalances, fueling cancer cells and making tumors more aggressive, impotence, increased risk of heart attacks and heart disease, increased inflammation leading to joint pain and arthritis, increased risk of strokes, kidney failure, and rotting teeth.

Included in her essay is a list of signs of sugar abuse, including false teeth, rotten teeth, pupil dilation, jitteriness, mid-afternoon 'crashes', and other symptoms.

She wraps up with a plea for people to seek help and rehabilitation for their addictions and avoid anyone who might try to push such addictive substances on them.
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[ The post drifts up onto the comms one evening, just a simple line of text to ask a simple question:]

guys, how do aliens know when other aliens are hot?


May. 30th, 2017 07:30 pm
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For the record, I'm going to be unavailable for the next few days. There's a film festival on Zarox-13 and rumor has it that they'll have a good batch of rare Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton flicks, so I'm cashing in my sick days.

Try not to burn the place down while I'm away.
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[Someone's been doing some reading in her off-time. After a bit of discussion with unnamed parties, a change suddenly goes into effect in the networks. Suddenly, all profanity on the networks, as well as clever attempts to dance around said profanity by spacing it out, switching to a foreign language, or using symbols, has been replaced by cutesy terms such as gently caressing, lovely, fluffy bunny, sweater sniffer, and kitten huffing. And more along those lines.

It goes through on voice and video, as well, updating the Legionnaire's words in real time. Any attempts to mouth it out or write it down has a United Planets logo stamped over the offending words, as well as a short snippet of text underneath the logo explaining that they're in violation of the Government Agency Profanity Prohibition Act of 2917. It's an archaic law, over a hundred years old, that never quite got repealed. It tried to push professionalism by banning profane and blasphemous language within official channels.

For her part, America's pleased to watch the chaos happen. She's sitting back in her room, popping salted blurple berries into her mouth, and waiting. It probably won't last long before someone resets the entire network or convinces Brainiac 5 to undo her silent partner's work, but it would be entertaining and informative to see how far her teammates take things.

[[ For words that ARE Justice Department approved, as well as important info on this post, see the OOC community here. ]]
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So guys. I know that a lot of you have had a really rough time lately.

[Because the best way to start this is with a healthy dose of understatement.]

To help everyone relax a bit, and get to know everyone else that might have arrived, I've rented a little campsite for us to use. Some of you might remember the last time I did this, but don't worry. It's gonna be cooler this time around.

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[Several hours after Soldier 76 shows up, Ana receives a text-based message with a video attachment.]


The attached footage indicates that you are in charge of correcting the grumpy old man I met on the Observation Deck earlier. Is that the case, and do you want me to tell you if I see him doing something wrong?

- Payback

[The attached footage appears to be from the Legion security system. It's just video, without sound recording, and it definitely isn't movie quality. But if Ana wants another angle of 76 getting scooped up like a sack of recalcitrant potatoes, here it is.]
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[ Grif, uncharacteristically, has left a text post instead of filming himself with the camera out of focus or too close to his face or with a thumb over the lens. Weird. At least the complete lack of capitalization isn't surprising.]

so how is everyone's training crap going?

just curious. no reason.

by the way, you know that thing the flash can do where he uses his speed powers to go through walls? total bullshit.

ps: some of you are new, and i want to know what your deal is. do we have anyone who shoots eye lasers yet? that would be awesome.

(OOC: This is dated to after the mission. Preemptively declaring I do not mind if you threadhop each other to talk about training or w/e as long as the other player involved is cool with it!)


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