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[ The post drifts up onto the comms one evening, just a simple line of text to ask a simple question:]

guys, how do aliens know when other aliens are hot?
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[Klaxons suddenly start blaring through Legion World, due to certain alarms set in the lab complex. Something has exploded. Somethings, plural, judging from what's visible on the screen when Brainy's message broadcasts. Half the lab is trashed and smoking. Fortunately for Brainy's labmates, anything that isn't Brainy's experiments is apparently shielded, but he has no problems with destroying his adult self's work.]

[It's not really that he's doing it on purpose so much as he's reverted to a time where blowing up labs was part of his standard methodology.]

[He's ten, and even the small amount of self-control and restraint he had as a teenager is now gone. What isn't gone is his intellect, which means his capacity for destruction is...extensive.]

Ignore the alarms. My idiotic adult self seems to have developed a more limiting view regarding lab safety. Philistine.

[His voice is colder now, almost robotic.]

There's only a 1.4563 % chance this experiment will destroy Legion World. So all of you little people can simply carry on with your mundane existence.

[The experiment he's working on is glowing ominously and throbbing, making a strange WOMMM noise that keeps increasing in volume and frequency. He doesn't seem to be alarmed by it, though he does pull goggles down over his eyes.]

[ooc: Anyone can respond to this but the action thread to stop it has already been promised to Wash and York.]
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[When Kid Q goes on the comms for the post-mission debrief, she is smiling. Smiling smiling smiling.]

I'm happy to report that both of the recent missions were a complete success. After we weakened Tsarista by breaking out of all her story scenarios, we managed to re-capture her in an omnicom. Some of our allies from Sorcerer's World have given us some assistance in providing better magical protections around her prison.

[Her smile widens slightly and goes mischievous.]

If anyone wants to see the pictures we got of Brainy turned into an adorable forest creature, Timber Wolf is making the rounds.
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Listen up, Legion. Unfortunately, our little vacation from catastrophe is apparently over. (Surprise surprise.)

The Legion outpost around Phelolu just registered a new incursion through the rift, made up of several groups of people, all of them apparently armed with different colored power rings, not unlike the one that used to be wielded by your fellow Legionnaire, Hal Jordan, and not unlike the ones wielded by the various Lanterns of ancient galactic history.

The outpost was attacked by yellow and red ringwielders, but was successfully defended by ringwielders with pink, purple, blue, and green rings.

The outpost staff sent us the footage they captured.

[Footage briefly plays, showing the view outside the outpost of several groups of Lanterns fighting each other, glowing in various colors. The ones bearing yellow and red rings look terrible and sinister. Some of them look like they're mostly made up of claws and fangs, and the reds spew flaming blood at their enemies, burning some of them alive.]

[The violets are beautiful as they fly around with their crystalline powers -- and er, slightly scantily clad. The indigo tribesman are few but an impressive force on the battlefield, redirecting ring energy with their staffs. The greens and blues seem to work together very well -- green constructs bolstered by blue energy -- as if the blues were made to support the greens. After a successful defense is mounted for the Legion outpost and the red and yellow lanterns are dealt considerable damage, with many of them successfully captured, first the yellows retreat with stargates and then the reds.]

After the yellow and red Lanterns retreated to locations unknown, the contingents of pink, purple, blue, and green Lanterns contacted the outpost and were diverted to Legion World, where their situation was explained to them. Between Brainy's scans and their own words, we've determined that they're from the 21st century, in a slightly alternate universe, rather than our universe's own past. (And also an alternate to your universe, Jordan).

There are rumors that the Lanterns all retreated to the edge of the universe back in ancient times, and we believe that the reds and yellows may have left to seek out any of their counterparts that exist in this universe in the 31st century. If they find them -- and the location of the power batteries that would let them link up and recharge their rings -- we could be looking at a renewal of the ancient war they all used to fight.

The other contingents of Lanterns are allied together and asking for the Legion's help in stopping the reds and yellows. The greens think they already have a lead on where the ancient Green Lanterns settled in our universe. They think it might be on the remains of a once living planet called Mogo, who was a Green Lantern, and think they know where to find him. The pinks can apparently detect something similar and think they can find the power source that the pinks of this universe used to use in ancient times.

I'm going to be leading a team to go with them, as an escort and to help mount an offense against the reds and yellows before they return to wreak havoc in civilized space. The Lanterns we'll be working with aren't familiar with this century or any of its politics, and they're also even unfamiliar with some of its species since they didn't exist until certain worlds were colonized.

The team I bring has to be prepared to wield any rings we might be able to get our hands on. After seeing the power profiles they were able to give us, we're going to need all the firepower we can get. Our own powers might not cut it.

Questions, concerns, protests, or letters of resignation because an ancient space war is restarting and who needs that nass -- go.
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[They get a transmission from the outpost orbiting the planet where new displacees appear, the battered remains of the planet Phelolu. It's a priority distress call, so the message is received by every Legionnaire and all major posts on Legion World.]

[The commanding officer of the response team is a Carggite, Dr. Trez. All three of her grey-haired selves look shaken. Behind her, the main viewscreen of the outpost is cracked and consoles are sparking. The outpost has clearly come under heavy attack.]

Mayday mayday, this is Legion Outpost Phelolu, we are under attack by a 10X10 threat! I repeat, it is a 10X10 threat. Do not send a response team. I repeat: do not send a response team! We'll leave monitoring equipment on for surveillance but all personnel is evacuating the outpost.


[And that is the only message they get. She quickly reforms into one self, and leaves the console, helping a crew member that's fallen. The entire command deck shakes once. Then again. Fortunately, all members of the team escape the command deck and the hatch to the threshold room closes.]

[By the time the hull rips open, it's plenty of time for them to have escaped through a threshold gate. It's hard to see what causes the breach. There is only a flash of silver and all of a sudden a chunk of it is gone. More of it gets ripped away, and there's a brief flash of something blue and sparkling. With another flash of silver, the whole deck explodes and the camera view is lost. The monitoring system shifts to an external camera as a default so that they can see the field of wreckage outside. There is only a small, barely functioning hunk of the outpost left. The rest is a debris field that's obscuring the view of the planet. Ice dust from the vaporization systems creates a huge cloud that the barely functioning lights reflect off in the void.]

[That's when they see it looming out through the debris field. It's an incomprehensible being, a force of nature, and each sentient's mind must try to make what sense of it that it can by assigning it some kind of image. To many humanoids, what they see is the face of an impossibly huge man.]
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[Marinette is beyond flustered right now. How could they say all those things? That was supposed to be the news! The news was supposed to tell the truth!]

[Now she needs to run damage control because what if Adrien thinks she isn't single?]

I'm not dating Thad! Not that there's anything wrong with you, Thad, but we're not dating, I don't know why they'd think we were dating, we were just standing. Standing near each other. Friends stand near each other and I was just trying to be friends! How could they get a love triangle out of standing?

And I don't have any experience as a superhero! They were just assuming way, way too much. My powers just make me very acrobatic, and they're easy to use, and they really just need to learn how to fact-check because most of their facts? Were not checked.

Not checked! No checking! Of facts!

How can they get away with that? That was supposed to the news, the news is supposed to tell the truth! They had no journalistic integrity at at all! None! None!
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[The first sign of catastrophe is the entire ship lurching. Legion World is huge so for the whole ship to lurch, that suggests that there's something seriously wrong. Klaxons start blaring and red and blue lights start flashing. Support start start running through the hallways to deal with system malfunctions.]

[Ferro is a people person. He's friendly with most of the staff because he's friendly with everyone. So he notices when one of them doesn't act the way he normally does, carrying himself strangely. He notices something is wrong even more when the man doesn't acknowledge him when he asks if he knows what's wrong and if he needs help with anything in this area of Legion World. So when he sees that staff worker slinking around a corner, walking strange, he follows, takes out his omnicom, and starts whispering into it.]

Uh, guys? Something weird is going on. I know you all felt the ship shake, too. And...some people are acting weird.

[He points his omnicom to show them the technician, who's working on a panel and muttering to himself.]

Cold. Dark. Bring the dark. Bring the dark. Cold.

[A whisper.] I think he might be sabotaging something. [He steps forward, trying to reason with him first.]

Jerem! Jerem, what are you doing? Why are you talking like that?

[The man's eyes go wide and for a moment they see a flash of darkness in them.]

No. More. Poison.

[Andrew gasps but tries to keep his voice calm.]

Jerem...Jerem...you should come with me. To Medbay. You're not acting like yourself.

[The man grabs onto a metal bar to brace himself and flips a switch in the panel. Then there's a malfunction in one of the gravity shields and the hull of the room suddenly breaks, and air starts escaping, causing Ferro to lose his grip on his omnicom. As it flips end over end, they're treated to a blurred view of Ferro flying out into the void. Then the omnicom hits some debris and the transmission goes black.]

[Only about a minute or so later, Ferro appears again, looking shaken. He's in one of the hallways of Legion World and an airlock is visible behind him. He's clearly using one of the hall comm units rather than his omnicom this time and his body is covered in frost and condensation.]

I'm okay! I just flew back in through one of the airlocks. It's a good thing I don't need to breathe. I think Jerem managed to hold on until the backup hull shielding went into place because I didn't see him outside.

Guys, I think he was possessed or something! And I think the ship shaking is things breaking because he's sabotaging them -- and he might not be the only one. We don't know if this is affecting more people!

[In the video, and around all of them in person, Legion World shudders again. The lights where Ferro is go out and the dim red emergency lights replace them.]

[ooc: This comm post can be used throughout the plot for the groups to communicate as they figure things out about the Lux and how to fight them and periodically communicate with each other. The logs for the plot will be in the log comm. Eventually when they come up with a plan to end all this in this post, one of the Legionnaire npcs will do a new post that lays out the complete plan.]


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