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[When Kid Q shows up on screen, she looks understandably disheartened. They tried their best on these last few missions and in a few very important places, they succeeded. Even during a dark time there had been a silver lining, there'd still been people the team had saved. Banishing Eclipso, for instance, means they don't have a Spectre-level threat dogging their steps from here on out, a situation that might've been much worse than the Spectre being free, due to her specifically targeting them instead of criminals]

[But this is still a loss and it's up there in terms of being one of the worst possible things that could've happened at this point in the game.]

[And it's not really something she knows how to deal with well. Even after the catastrophe that made the missing Legionnaires go missing, the team had held together, and since the displacee Legionnaies started getting pulled into this universe, they'd won almost every battle they'd fought. Maybe those wins involved sacrifice or ill-advised choices, like freeing the Spectre to defeat Galactus - but they'd made their choices and managed. Recently, they'd even cleaned up some of their old messes.]

I want to thank you all for how hard you fought on Apokolips. It's one of the worst battles we've faced so far since you displacees started to show up in this universe, and because you the Science Police garrison had minimal casualties, most of them lost before we showed up.

[Her eyes divert slightly from the camera.]

Our engineering teams weren't so lucky. We lost three teams of engineering support staff. Thirty-six staffers in all. We thought it best for Brainy to be the one to notify their families, since he was their direct superior and knew them all personally, so he's doing that right now.

We'll be holding a memorial service for them in a garden area in the Hab Deck at 10:00 tomorrow.

[She frowns.]

The Catatrophists and the Herald - the Penitant - they activated something deep within Apokolips and managed to successfully relocate the planet. Brainy's still trying to track where and hestill hasn't figured out a way for us to destroy the planet without it creating a tear in reality due to the defenses left behind by Darkseid, which was the whole reason we wanted to move it instead of destroying it in the first place.

That means that our enemies have a planet-sized war machine to attack us from.

Brainy also doesn't how to stop the Penitant, whoever she was, from summoning those monsters again, but he's at least figured out a way to shield Legion World from a similar attack, with help from the Book of Magic and technology similar to what was developed for us to move and hide Apokolips.

[Now she's got to do the inspirational part, she knows she does.]

I know things look bad right now, but through its history this team has weathered living nightmares and multiple apocalypses - and that kept happening after you all showed up. We've faced Galactus, the Yellow and Red Lanterns, the Fatal Five, Murderworld, the Faceless, the Legion of Supervillains, multiple Heralds, the Spectre, the Brainiacs...

Even in this fight, we faced the literal wrath of God and still beat her.

I don't know about the rest of you, but Apokolips or not, I'm not ready to say die.
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[cw: While there is mention of child abuse, it's in regards to charges pressed, nothing graphic is shown.]

[The Legion World staff maintains a feed of all Legion-related media so Legionnaires can be kept abreast of any reporting that's done on them. Two women appear on the screen, sitting at a desk, their appearances altered by glam filters so that one is all pink hair and skin and sparkles, and the other is all in blues. They look pretty flashy and tacky but this is the future. Reporters don't exist anymore; they're "personalities" now. More serious news outlets have already reported on the Brainiacs; this is one of the fluffier retrospective programs that have aired.]

Shellee: I'm Shellee Star! [That would be the pink one.]

Tammee: And I'm Tammee Tim! [That would be the blue one.]

Together: And this is Legion Watch! [They say it in unison in the perkiest voices possible and a stylized graphic of the words "Legion Watch" appear at the bottom of the screen. Occasional clickable sidelinks pop up as the news show goes on.]
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[When Kid Q shows on screen, her costume is singed, she's got a few bandaged burns, and she's got a very rakish eyepatch (which will fortunately be temporary). Beyond looking about as dinged up as they all are, she's beaming. And yet exhausted.]

[That doesn't mean she's got a whole motivational speech prepared like usual.]

I'm gonna try to make this as motivational as usual, but seeing as I only slept 3 hours over the past three days, I make no promises. [She gestures "no" dramatically with her arm.]
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[When Kid Q goes on the comms for the post-mission debrief, she is smiling. Smiling smiling smiling.]

I'm happy to report that both of the recent missions were a complete success. After we weakened Tsarista by breaking out of all her story scenarios, we managed to re-capture her in an omnicom. Some of our allies from Sorcerer's World have given us some assistance in providing better magical protections around her prison.

[Her smile widens slightly and goes mischievous.]

If anyone wants to see the pictures we got of Brainy turned into an adorable forest creature, Timber Wolf is making the rounds.
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[Kid Quantum has hit the sonic shower and changed into a fresh uniform, but she hasn’t hit the Med Bay to take care of the cut on her cheek. The medtechs are too busy with people who actually need their care, a scabbed-over cut is can be taken care of at any time. She looks tired: she hasn’t had a chance to rest since the remainder of the Legion was called to Cargg.]

Just to save everyone the need to explain things, this is a briefing to let both mission teams know what happened to the other. This message is secured even away from Legion staffers, so everyone can feel secure in sharing mission data. Everyone settle in and get comfy: it’s going to be a long one.
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Valor's Day might not be a holiday that most of you celebrate back home, but I know a lot of you have winter holidays that celebrate togetherness with your communities or families that you're missing out on. Since we can't get you home for those holidays, the Legionnaires from this universe decided to bring a little bit of home to you.

It took a lot of searching, some bargaining with vendors in questionably-legal markets on Rimbor -- and a bit of genetic testing to make sure it was the real thing -- but we got our hands on something a few of you have been missing.

If you head down to the Mess Hall, the food service workers have something waiting for you. I'm told that in English it rhymes with "shaken."
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[His tone is terse and sharp. He's not angry, but there's an intensity to it that just might bely fear if you're listening hard enough.]

I need to talk to you. Now.

One of the newest arrivals - he's from my world. His name's Locus, and he's unstable and extremely dangerous. He-

[There's a beat of hesitation, but they need context. Well, time to dig up this little horror show and put it on display.]

He and his partner committed planetary genocide for a paycheck. The only reason they didn't finish the job is because my team and I showed up, figured it out, and stopped them. We're lucky we all survived, and there are a lot of people that didn't. He's a threat.
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[Kid Quantum is grim-faced as she buzzes everyone on the comms. It's been a stressful three days of searching for their missing team members, and they've made no progress so far.]

Listen up, Legion. As most of you know, our people on the intelligence-gathering mission to Harrub went missing three days ago. So far there's been no contact, no new leads - and no plan of action yet, but we're going to fix that.

First, we have to decide what to do about the political situation with Harrub. Right now, Madame president is poised to get them to sign but any interference on our part might ruin that.

Then again, if they're responsible for our people going missing, that might be a good thing. But if not, it could be a disaster.

Our options are 1) let them sign it and openly investigate the planet after the fact, 2) openly investigate now and drop Brainy's lab on the delicate political situation, or 3) something else one of you comes up with. Shout out your ideas, I'm all ears.

Madame President, Winema Wazzo, has access to this conversation, and can provide some info for us on the political situation if needed.
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[A young woman with dark skin and closely-cropped black hair appears on the screen. She's wearing an easy smile, but her eyes are alert. She's standing at one of the wall viewscreens that allow for communication with the omnicoms and her right arm is currently encased in a cast that looks like it was made with a 3D printer, made of a black rubbery plastic, with holes in it to expose skin. It's also in a sling. Medical technology can heal broken days in a day or just a few days but spiral fractures are some of the ones that take the longest.]

[As far as Jazmin is concerned, the Lanterns and their war belonged back in the past. What a mess. She speaks up to be heard over the faint chittering sounds of the Athramites behind her, who are still arguing about what color her cast should be.]

Hello everyone. I'm Jazmin Cullen, also known as Kid Quantum, Legion Leader. We've gotten a lot of new Legionnaires all at once recently, and I wanted to officially welcome you to Legion World and this reality, and assure you that we are doing everything we can to find a way to send you back home where you came from. You're all welcome to stay here on Legion World, regardless if you've taken the oath and agreed to help us out while you're here. Those of you who did take the oath or have offered to help out in other ways, don't worry, we'll have you positioned shortly.
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Listen up, Legion. Unfortunately, our little vacation from catastrophe is apparently over. (Surprise surprise.)

The Legion outpost around Phelolu just registered a new incursion through the rift, made up of several groups of people, all of them apparently armed with different colored power rings, not unlike the one that used to be wielded by your fellow Legionnaire, Hal Jordan, and not unlike the ones wielded by the various Lanterns of ancient galactic history.

The outpost was attacked by yellow and red ringwielders, but was successfully defended by ringwielders with pink, purple, blue, and green rings.

The outpost staff sent us the footage they captured.

[Footage briefly plays, showing the view outside the outpost of several groups of Lanterns fighting each other, glowing in various colors. The ones bearing yellow and red rings look terrible and sinister. Some of them look like they're mostly made up of claws and fangs, and the reds spew flaming blood at their enemies, burning some of them alive.]

[The violets are beautiful as they fly around with their crystalline powers -- and er, slightly scantily clad. The indigo tribesman are few but an impressive force on the battlefield, redirecting ring energy with their staffs. The greens and blues seem to work together very well -- green constructs bolstered by blue energy -- as if the blues were made to support the greens. After a successful defense is mounted for the Legion outpost and the red and yellow lanterns are dealt considerable damage, with many of them successfully captured, first the yellows retreat with stargates and then the reds.]

After the yellow and red Lanterns retreated to locations unknown, the contingents of pink, purple, blue, and green Lanterns contacted the outpost and were diverted to Legion World, where their situation was explained to them. Between Brainy's scans and their own words, we've determined that they're from the 21st century, in a slightly alternate universe, rather than our universe's own past. (And also an alternate to your universe, Jordan).

There are rumors that the Lanterns all retreated to the edge of the universe back in ancient times, and we believe that the reds and yellows may have left to seek out any of their counterparts that exist in this universe in the 31st century. If they find them -- and the location of the power batteries that would let them link up and recharge their rings -- we could be looking at a renewal of the ancient war they all used to fight.

The other contingents of Lanterns are allied together and asking for the Legion's help in stopping the reds and yellows. The greens think they already have a lead on where the ancient Green Lanterns settled in our universe. They think it might be on the remains of a once living planet called Mogo, who was a Green Lantern, and think they know where to find him. The pinks can apparently detect something similar and think they can find the power source that the pinks of this universe used to use in ancient times.

I'm going to be leading a team to go with them, as an escort and to help mount an offense against the reds and yellows before they return to wreak havoc in civilized space. The Lanterns we'll be working with aren't familiar with this century or any of its politics, and they're also even unfamiliar with some of its species since they didn't exist until certain worlds were colonized.

The team I bring has to be prepared to wield any rings we might be able to get our hands on. After seeing the power profiles they were able to give us, we're going to need all the firepower we can get. Our own powers might not cut it.

Questions, concerns, protests, or letters of resignation because an ancient space war is restarting and who needs that nass -- go.
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[Brainy went to the Medbay and to see Dr. Ryk'rr for his post-mission debrief, as ordered. Standard procedure. But he hasn't slept. Of course he hasn't slept. He's been very, very busy. Especially since this is something that he couldn't find information about alone -- he's been putting in calls all night to countless other scientists in countless other institutions and government organizations.]

I checked four-hundred fifty different survey programs, run by various institutions and government organizations, and according to the most recent remote surveys that have estimated the size of the material universe, most data indicates that this universe is the same estimated size that it was when last assayed.

Except for every probe that has passed by a particular, distant, uninhabited sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Every single data compilation from every probe that passed through that sector has registered the existence of unexplained chronal and spatial anomalies, and that readings in that area indicate that the material universe is now at a size that is unquantifiably larger. It's as if this universe now simply has no end, even when its overall mass was once at a generally estimable size before.

In this sector, the fabric of spacetime is also twisted in configurations that the fabric of reality shouldn't even be capable of contorting into according to all known laws of astrophysics.

Every one of these organizations and institutions dismissed these anomalous readings as statistical outliers or equipment malfunctions. Due the probes often having long-distance sweeps that sometimes take them years or months to complete, it's only within the last few months that they started running diagnostics on their respective probes and start contacting other organizations to compare results. Since they had yet to determine a cause for such clearly impossible readings, they hadn't yet escalated notice of these readings to the appropriate authorities.

[Brainy draws in a deep breath.]

In layman's terms, something has attached itself to that sector of the galaxy. Something that has a mass larger than the entirety of this universe. Larger than the entire mass of multiple universes.

I've instructed the UP Council to bar all space travel to the area and plan to send my own probe to gather readings on the region, but as of this moment, I can say with almost 99.999% certainty, after seeing the readings I saw, that the Time Trapper was telling the truth.

There is no other possible explanation.
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[They get a transmission from the outpost orbiting the planet where new displacees appear, the battered remains of the planet Phelolu. It's a priority distress call, so the message is received by every Legionnaire and all major posts on Legion World.]

[The commanding officer of the response team is a Carggite, Dr. Trez. All three of her grey-haired selves look shaken. Behind her, the main viewscreen of the outpost is cracked and consoles are sparking. The outpost has clearly come under heavy attack.]

Mayday mayday, this is Legion Outpost Phelolu, we are under attack by a 10X10 threat! I repeat, it is a 10X10 threat. Do not send a response team. I repeat: do not send a response team! We'll leave monitoring equipment on for surveillance but all personnel is evacuating the outpost.


[And that is the only message they get. She quickly reforms into one self, and leaves the console, helping a crew member that's fallen. The entire command deck shakes once. Then again. Fortunately, all members of the team escape the command deck and the hatch to the threshold room closes.]

[By the time the hull rips open, it's plenty of time for them to have escaped through a threshold gate. It's hard to see what causes the breach. There is only a flash of silver and all of a sudden a chunk of it is gone. More of it gets ripped away, and there's a brief flash of something blue and sparkling. With another flash of silver, the whole deck explodes and the camera view is lost. The monitoring system shifts to an external camera as a default so that they can see the field of wreckage outside. There is only a small, barely functioning hunk of the outpost left. The rest is a debris field that's obscuring the view of the planet. Ice dust from the vaporization systems creates a huge cloud that the barely functioning lights reflect off in the void.]

[That's when they see it looming out through the debris field. It's an incomprehensible being, a force of nature, and each sentient's mind must try to make what sense of it that it can by assigning it some kind of image. To many humanoids, what they see is the face of an impossibly huge man.]
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[Marinette is beyond flustered right now. How could they say all those things? That was supposed to be the news! The news was supposed to tell the truth!]

[Now she needs to run damage control because what if Adrien thinks she isn't single?]

I'm not dating Thad! Not that there's anything wrong with you, Thad, but we're not dating, I don't know why they'd think we were dating, we were just standing. Standing near each other. Friends stand near each other and I was just trying to be friends! How could they get a love triangle out of standing?

And I don't have any experience as a superhero! They were just assuming way, way too much. My powers just make me very acrobatic, and they're easy to use, and they really just need to learn how to fact-check because most of their facts? Were not checked.

Not checked! No checking! Of facts!

How can they get away with that? That was supposed to the news, the news is supposed to tell the truth! They had no journalistic integrity at at all! None! None!
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[A young woman with dark skin and closely-cropped black hair appears on the screen. She's wearing an easy smile, but her eyes are alert.]

Hello everyone. I'm Jazmin Cullen, also known as Kid Quantum, Legion Leader. I wanted to officially welcome you to Legion World, and this reality, and assure you that we are doing everything we can to get you back home where you came from. You're all welcome to stay here on Legion World, regardless if you've taken the oath and agreed to help us out while you're here. Those of you who did take the oath or have offered to help out in other ways, don't worry, we'll have you positioned shortly.

We've prepared classes to familiarize yourself with the United Planets and the technology level here so that you can function independently here. If you're joining the Legion, we have additional classes for you to take.

[Her smile widens, briefly.]

Yeah, I know, you're thrilled about having to do more homework to help us out, but hey, we don't just hand those rings out like candy.

[She reaches forward a the image shakes as she takes her omnicom in hand.]

Like I said before, I'm Legion Leader, and here are a few other important faces.

[She turns the omicomm as she speaks, showing the other members of the Legion.]

Matter-Eater Lad is my deputy leader, if you need to get in touch with me, your best bet is generally to find him. It's not that I'm dodging you, but I'm out and about a lot. He's agreed to make sure that at least one of us is available to you.

Ferro has taken on responsibility for introducing you to media, games, sports, and other forms of entertainment in this era. He also has experience in making the switch from a different era, and he's said that he'd be happy to help you with yours.

Gates has offered to help you familiarize yourselves with the culture of the United Planets in the 31st century, as well as the many and varied cultures within it. He promises that they will be informative and engaging.

Bouncing Boy will be teaching starship piloting and is the support staff coordinator. If you want to learn to drive in this era, or if you need to talk to anyone on support staff, talk to him.

If you have any interest in hand-to-hand combat, you're going to want to talk to Karate Kid. I also personally recommend his meditation training if you've found yourself with new powers that you're not quite sure how to control yet.

For those of you who've joined the Legion, Timber Wolf will be your field instructor. He'll be looking out for you in the field, and your primary trainer for working with each other.

Umbra will be instructing you in power control and battlefield tactics. Even if you're not working with the Legion, it would be a good idea to take the former class if you have powers you're unfamiliar with.

Brainiac 5 will be providing tech support, science lessons, and mentoring for those of you who are interested in engineering.

Dreamer is our source of catastrophe warnings outside of the official reporting system. If you hear her yelling, you should probably suit up.

[The camera stops on Kid Quantum again, and she presses a button, causing two images to display on the screen.]

You've already met Dr. Gym'll, our head physician, and Dr. Ry'krr, who is in charge of assisting with the handling of mental health. They'll still be filling those same roles now. Additionally, one of the other sentients who arrived recently, Dr. Arbuckle, will be assisting Dr. Gym'll.

[The images disappear. Kid Quantum smiles again.]

Even though I wish it wasn't under these circumstances, welcome to the Legion World. If you need help with anything please don't hesitate to ask us or the staff.


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