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Legionnaire Legacies: Fareeha Amari

Shellee: Hello, fans of justice and righteous fury! I'm Shellee Star!

Tammee:: And I'm Tammee Tim!

Together: Welcome to another Legionnaire Legacy!

Shellee: Tonight we delve into the past of the daugher of Overwatch itself - Blue Falcon!

Tammee:: -- and what a past it is.

[The scene opens on a young Fareeha - 12? 8? She's in a Gi practicing martial arts moves as a woman with an Eye of Ra tattoo teaches her stances, punches, kicks. She's a thorough but fair teacher, and Fareeha is a determined and bright pupil. The woman speaks in Arabic, directing her. Fareeha dutifully listens. She admires and respects this woman; her mother. When her face isn’t screwed up in intense concentration, it’s looking at her mother for guidance, and beams with any encouragement or compliments she gets.]

Shellee: Talk about intense.

Tammee: And that’s just the beginning.

[There are a few flashes of memories from times she visited Overwatch with her, spending time with Jack, and Torbjorn, and Reinhardt. These halls were like a second home, these people a second family. Listening raptly to stories from Reinhardt, learning basic field dressing from Angela, Jack warning her about the perils of the battlefield, talking engineering with Torbjorn. There's a comfort when she's around them, and it's from them and their actions that she pulls her main inspirations for life.]

[Fareeha accompanies her mother through the hallways of the Swiss Headquarters at Overwatch.]

Ana Amari: Take a seat here, Fareeha, I shouldn’t be with Jack more than a moment.”

Young Fareeha: Alright, mother.

[Fareeha smiles, and settles herself in one of the plush chairs. She sets down a backpack and opens it, pulling out a textbook and a datapad and starts studying.]

Reinhardt: Ach! Shame on whoever let you grace the hallways without notifying me first!

[Reinhardt comes around the chair and kneels down to rub a hand affectionately over her head. Fareeha shrieks in delight and immediately slaps a hand over her mouth, embarrassed by her own outburst. Reinhardt only chuckles and stands long enough to take a seat next to her. She watches him curiously, and he grins back at her.]

Reinhardt: You look like you want to ask me a question.

[He taps his nose. Her hesitance - born from a sheer amount of adoration, finally gives way fully to curiosity. She shifts towards him and smiles wide, hopeful.]

Young Fareeha: Do you have any new stories?

Reinhardt: Of course! And, I have plenty of old stories too I bet you haven’t heard yet.

[He leans forward and begins spinning a tale of Crusaders besieged, and Fareeha forgets her studies; wholly enraptured.]

Tammee: Trained in defense, surrounded by this Earth’s greatest minds and toughest fighters. Any child wants to emulate their heroes, but having a front-row seat in a peace-keeping organization definitely left its mark on the young Blue Falcon.

Shellee: Talk about a healthy dose of Justice in the morning … and afternoon, and night!

Tammee: … is it just me or does she have the same hairstyle?

Shellee: No, you’re right … it hasn’t changed at all, has it?

Tammee: [Tammee: looks over at Shellee] Do you think those are the same beads?

[Shellee shrugs.]

[The scene moves on. Fareeha's slightly older; hints of the lanky, lean fighter she becomes. She’s eating breakfast with her father while the news plays on the television. Her mother, Jack Morrison, and Gabriel Reyes are on the screen; Overwatch has had another success. Fareeha bursts with pride. She finishes her breakfast, washes her dishes, then starts to head back to her room. She pauses, head tilted back towards the kitchen where her father is pouring another cup of coffee and continuing to watch the news. She takes the moment to head instead to a hall closet, opening it up and reaching to the upper shelf to take down her mother's beret. She runs back to her room (where there is a large poster of Reinhardt Wilhelm next to her bed - his lion-like hair blowing in a righteous breeze) and quietly closes the door.]

[Fareeha stands in front of her mirror and puts the hat on, taking a few moments to fuss with it until it's sitting just right - just the way she's seen her mother wear it - and then she salutes her reflection. That'll be her, she thinks; she'll be just like her mother and helping others.]

Tammee: As we can see she’s already made her decision about where she wants her life to be going.

Shellee: Mmhm, such a pure and honest passion; no hints of your regular adolescent rebellions, staying away from "the wrong crowds"...

Tammee: She’s so focused on her future and making the world a better place.

Shellee: But...

Tammee: That doesn’t sound good...

Shellee: There’s one thing she didn’t plan for.

[Fareeha's in her teens now, and she's fighting with her mother. As the two of them are similarly bull-headed, stubborn women, their fights are intense. Her mother's aged - hair starting to streak white, wrinkles etched across her face, and a certain weight in her eyes, even as she yells back at her daughter.]

Ana Amari: No, and that's my final answer; do not ask again."

Tammee: Ouch! Her own mother...

Shellee: And as a founding member, Ana Amari’s got to have a lot of pull on who gets recruited...or passed by.

Tammee: You have to wonder if Blue would have idolized her so much if she knew her mother was only going to deny her dream from the outset?

Shellee: That’d be a question to ask her now, but let’s see how it plays out...

[A few years pass. Fareeha is standing with a duffel bag by a bus bound for a local army base. Her father stands with her as she tries to call her mother, but the call goes straight to voicemail. Fareeha chooses not to leave a message, instead clicking her phone off and then hugging her father before joining the other recruits and boarding the bus. As it pulls out, she waves at her father until he's no longer in sight, and then settles back against her seat.]

[She's closed off; people try to talk to her, and while she isn't mean, she doesn't exactly encourage the conversation. Once she arrives at boot camp, the whole of her focus goes entirely into her training. She's determined to show her mother she's worthy of being an Overwatch agent one way or another, and if she has to prove it through the army, then she will damn well prove it through the army. ]

Tammee: [She sniffs, dabbing a finger to her eye.] I didn’t think it could hurt any more. Shunned by her mother, she’s still dead set on proving herself.

Shellee: Such a bright and cheerful child turned to a stoic and serious young woman by the sheer drive of her desire to help. A door closes and she busts open a window!

Tammee: But at what costs? A closer look reveals a reputation for excellence as well as a cool aloofness and unapproachability.

[She excels. She's an otherworldly force; between her stubborn nature to never give in to a challenge, the edge afforded her by early combat training, and her ability to creatively assess and and accomplish her objectives, she quickly rises through the ranks. All the same, Fareeha continues to hold herself apart. While other soldiers joke and banter, during leave when they hit the bars and the clubs, Fareeha continues to study field guides, or to work out, or otherwise continue her military training. It's a lonely existence, punctuated by letters and calls with her father and the occasional civil interactions with her mother.]

Shellee: I’m going to be honest, Tammee:, if I had met her then; I wouldn’t have wanted to be her friend.

Tammee: You have to admit, though, it makes her a perfect candidate for the Legionnaires.

Shellee: Indeed it does, and we can see the foundations of justice-seeking that would make her a shoe in, but it doesn’t end here. What doesn’t bend eventually breaks, and we’ve already seen her standing stalwart against all kinds of obstacles.

Tammee: So the worst is yet to come...let’s watch!

[Another scene, although it's nothing exceptionally different from the story of her military career. She's in the barracks. She has a phone call. Her captain leads her to it and though she can't entirely read his face she knows him well enough to know this call is going to change everything.]

Fareeha: This is Lieutenant-Commander Fareeha Amari.

Jack Morrison: Fareeha, it's Jack.

[Jack Morrison, who's voice she knew from childhood; who needed no introduction. But, in those three words, she could already sense what might be coming. Her stomach drops, but she doggedly maintains her professionalism.]

Fareeha: Jack -- it's been a while.

Jack Morrison: It has, it ... Fareeha, it's about your mother.

[She doesn't speak, crossing one arm over her stomach and resting her elbow on it; effectively (preemptively) creating some sort of barrier against the incoming news. She looks like her throat is starting to close up, and her head fills with cotton. His next few words seem to make her feel worlds away, and yet she can very obviously still hear them echoing in her ears.]

Jack Morrison: There was an incident, in our last mission.

[Another long pause. She looks like a small, objective part of her knows this must be hard on him, but she just needs to know; to have no doubts about what she's going to have to be dealing with.]

Fareeha: Please, Jack ... just tell me ...

Jack Morrison: I'm sorry, Fareeha. She didn't make it.

Tammee: That’s...quite a blow. To have -- pretty much the foundation of why you’re doing anything suddenly taken away..

Shellee: And considering the way she’s pushed people away, she’s left herself with very little support system.

Tammee: Will she be able to weather this?

[Clearance levels mean she never finds out anything more. There is a memorial service. There is no funeral, because there's no body recovered. She attends in her military dress, dodging paparazzi to and from, using car service with tinted windows. Overwatch had been on shaky ground for a while and out came the cockroaches to sensationalize the death of one of the founding members. Except for Fareeha, that had been her mother.]

Shellee: Adding insult to injury! She can’t even mourn in peace!

[The irony of speaking about paparazzi exploiting the hardship of others seems entirely lost on her.]

Tammee: The pressures from her mother don’t disappear with her death; society isn’t soon to let her forget where she came from.

[A year later, Overwatch crumbles entirely, and she's forced to watch from the sidelines as the extended family she grew up with - that had so much import on the woman she became - dies, or disappears, or are forced into retirement. She's stopped watching the news, leaving the room anytime an Op-Ed piece started up on the television that her colleagues are watching. It's a painful, dark time in her life where she falls more bitter and angry.]

Shellee: The dominoes have started falling.

[The memories continue, slipping back into her continued military career. She's not any better with people, but she does eventually leave with distinguished service and not long after is offered a position with Helix Securities International. It's an honor to anyone in her position, and for the first time in a long time she's excited again; a change of pace, something different, new missions outside the scope of what the regular army could do.]

[She begins as a security chief, and is issued her first iteration of a limited-flight jump-jet armor systems. Once she gets herself established and assigned a team, she graduates to a full Raptora systems. It's brilliant blue, the helmet fashioned like a hawk with a gold visor.]

[In light of fighting new and more dangerous foes, and after what happened with her mother, she finds time to make her way to a tattoo parlor. She talks to the artist, pours over a few reference pictures, and together they settle on a final design. She settles herself into the chair, hands folded over her stomach as the artist finishes setting up his station. He spins his chair to settle his hands over her face, and the machine whirs to life. The pain is cathartic, and by the end of it she has a symbol of protection with her always. ]

Tammee: So things are looking up, finally. A memorial tattoo for her mother, a new career; she left the army with her head held high and secured a position in the private sector.

Shellee: Perhaps not quite the same ‘for the betterment of humanity’ vibe that Overwatch exuded, but a prestigious honor nonetheless.

Tammee: They also took over several of Overwatch’s responsibilities.

Shellee: That’s right! Guarding firewalled omnic god programs, for one --

Tammee: Which, for the uninformed, are the super-powered artificial intelligences responsible for starting the Omnic Crisis that Overwatch was specifically created to combat.

Shellee: Let’s see how Blue Falcon fared against them;

[The next set of memories hit like a missile barrage; straight from the battleground as her Helix team sets out to deal with Anubis. They find the wounded engineer, and she's the one that signs his death warrant, choosing to push on instead of take the time to call help. An omnic puts his pistol to his chin and pulls the trigger; it's a teammate - a friend - she can't act fast enough, isn't close enough to stop him, can only scream his name as she watches him sacrifice himself. They're ambushed.]

[Omnics appear from every conceivable corner; the Helix team breaks up, each shooting into a different corner of the sky. She's on the ground again, her Captain lays through a broken brick wall, he doesn't make it. It's up to her to rally the rest of the team together and finish this damned Omnic god program before it could get to the heavy weapons. There's smoke and fire, explosions, gunfire. Anubis controls the omnics around them and itself sits watching as Fareeha has to make that choice - and in doing so finally changes an integral part of herself.]

[Only then is she able to both help her teammate, and finally put down Anubis; offering him the distraction while he hacks into its systems. There's a moment when it all goes dark as she's inundated; overwhelmed and covered in omnics before they all simultaneously shut down. ]

Shellee: First major engagement with Helix and they suffer amazing loss and only only just succeeded by the skin of their teeth.

Tammee: At least she’s learned a serious lesson at this point about letting people in and that she’s not an absolute invincible force of nature.

Shellee: Speaking of an invincible force of nature... we have one last tidbit from her life before the Legion before we delve into the deep dark secrets of her wanton desires...

Tammee: Ooooo, yes; let’s take a look at that!

[It's a letter from her mother, read with that same smoky tone that had opened up Fareeha's memories with martial arts instruction - albeit older with a definite crag to the edges. Fareeha's mother, who'd been presumed dead, who had - for six years - done nothing to contact her, or any other family, was alive. Alive, well, and unapproachable. ]

Tammee: Talk about a plot twist...

Shellee: But perhaps this is the final blow to undo the poor justice-seeker; since arriving in Legion, she’s married a former terrorist.

Tammee: What a fall from grace. I mean, what would her mother think?

Shellee: Truly and honestly a question for the ages.

Tammee: -- but Legion accepted Junkrat as well; perhaps she sees potential there?

Shellee: I guess we’ll just have to keep watching … and find out.

Tammee: Thanks for watching,

Shellee: I’m Shellee Star -

Tammee: And I’m Tammee Tim -

Both: ... and this has been another installment of Legionnaire Legacies!
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I can assure you, I am no less determined to fight for justice.

[She's ... tense. Having the whole of her life on display like this, for a private person like herself, is an absolutely terrifying thought; but her time growing up in Overwatch has made her aware of public image and while most times she had never really been the center of attention like her mother or Jack, right now she's trying to remember how her idols had acted in these situations. Jack in particular had been so good at it.]
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Private Video

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[She really should leave this alone, but Widowmaker had played nice for too long and she was still riding on the tail end of thee high she got from killing Brainiac 8.]

I never took your mother for being cruel.

[As usual, her voice and expression are that same detached coolness that seemed to infuriate Fareeha. Sadly, the woman hadn't figured out that was something Widowmaker literally had no control over.]
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Private Video

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She had her reasons, I'm sure.

[It's a gut response, but it's not quite as confident a statement as she hopes. She loved her mother, she always would, but there's a small part of her that agrees with Widowmaker - and she hates herself for it. Because it's petty, because Widowmaker is Talon, because of a lot of reasons that are very nicely laid out in the above programme.]
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Private Video

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She always did, didn't she?

[Widowmaker let that rest for a moment,allowing it to settle in, before continuing.]

But to send you that letter after so many years... [She clucked her tongue.] tThere she went again, dangling something before you without the possibility of ever having it in your grasp.
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Private Video

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Don't talk like you knew her - like you knew our relationship, just because you 'saw it on TV'.

[It's maddening to have this conversation at all, but there was just something about Widowmaker's apathy that grated on her.]
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Private Video

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[Up popped Widowmaker's eyebrows.]

But I did know her. Out of the three commanders, Ana had always been the warmest, the most welcoming. While you were off 'proving' yourself in the army, I attended Overwatch events at various locations across the globe on my husband's arm.

Who do you think first showed me how to shoot a rifle? It certainly wasn't Gérard. [And sadly, Fareeha couldn't prove one way or another if she was speaking the truth. At least not over the omnicomm.]

As I said, I never took her for such cruelty. She should have stayed dead and saved you the unnecessary heartache.
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Re: Private Video

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Don't you dare. [Fareeha's anger immediately rises to a spitfire.]

For all her faults, she's still my mother and I know she still loved me.

[But it hurt ; Widowmaker's words cut her to the bone. To think her mother was so nurturing to someone else - someone her age. Was Amelie the kind of daughter Ana wanted? Was that it? The thought arrives suddenly and unwanted and it fans the fire within her.]

I never wanted her dead. I will take a hundred letters of it means she still lives.

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orbislife: screenshot of Zenyatta throwing orbs (We must guard the objective)

Video: I will get this right eventually!

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[ There is much Zenyatta could say. He could touch on the fact that he knows of Overwatch through Genji. He could mention that he is from the same world. He could praise her for her determination despite the obstacles.

He could even throw a peace offering to Junkrat by not talking to Fareeha at all. (He won't. If he avoids Fareeha, it will be due to her own wish, not his.) But in the end, he settles for this:

Thank you for freeing my brothers and sisters from Anubis.
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"Not" here

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[Given Junkrat's presence all over this network activity, he's absolutely mum about Zenyatta reaching out. Given his readiness to toss out threats or warnings, this probably means that he's okay with this.

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Also Not Here

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[Are they going to have to have a Discussion, dear husband?]
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Also Also Not Here

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[ Maybe... But they worked it out. Sorta.

Baby steps.
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[This was ... a pleasant surprise response to the Legacy, especially coming after a private message from Widowmaker.]

You're an Omnic. [A statement more than a question, with an element of surprise. She sobers after a moment and frowns.] I'm sorry we couldn't do it with less casualties ... on either side of the engagement.
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[ He nods slightly, confirming her statement. He is an omnic, though he wasn't around during the first Omnic Crisis. ]

It was a tragic situation, but you and your team kept it from becoming much worse.
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Thank you. I am glad we were able to avoid something more catastrophic. There was potential for a lot more damage. [Had Anubis gotten a hold of the military's missile systems, well ... her storyline probably would have ended right then and there.]

I'm sorry, I don't think I caught your name?
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[ And probably the end for hundreds, if not thousands, of other storylines. ]

No apologies are needed; it is easy enough to fix. My name is Zenyatta. I am a newer member of the Legion.

It is a pleasure to meet you.

[ The circumstances could be better. It could also be a lot worse. ]

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Holy dooley, all this time and my reputation still holds firm!

[He looks and sounds oddly proud of this, but then--]

Been here--how long?--and haven't gotten in any trouble. [Not actually true at all; but interpersonal spats and conflicts hardly hold a candle to what he could, or wants to get up to. Nevertheless, he remembers none of it.] I've saved lives, ya know!! And not a small number of 'em!!!

[Off camera, he stamps his foot and crosses his arms.]

They can say what they want about me, Fee, but don't say that like I'm contrary to it!
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[Perhaps better than anyone, Mako knows Fareeha has a long, long way to sink before reaching their level; so far she hasn't budged an inch. She may have left behind that engineer once upon a time, but it was a mistake she's clearly learned from. Scores of Lemurians would agree.

A humorless chuckle is just barely picked up by the microphone in Junkrat's omnicom.]

Sensationalist scum.
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[Fareeha is about to reply to Junkrat when she hears Roadhog's addition, and she can't help but give a dry little chuckle. Between the two of them it's enough to pull her somewhat out of the initial anger and embarrassment, though it wouldn't last for long.]

Hog is right. You can't take what these people say seriously; it's not meant to be an honest reflection.

[She's as much talking to herself as she is to them.]
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I just said I don't care what they say! [It's not, but it's the spirit of what he was trying to get at.] It's what you said!

[He's acting kind of petulant right now, but that's because Junkrat never really learned how to talk about things he's passionate about in a calm, serious manner. If anything, though, it's an indication of how genuine he's being--and for what it's worth, he's trying to bring himself down a level.]

No less determined. [He huffs a breath.] As if I've been tryin' ta ruin that about you. I ain't ever tried ta change you like that.

We're different. That's what makes us great.
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[Sounds exactly like something the two of them needed to sort out on their own.

Roadhog tips back in his scrap-reinforced chair and raises his own omnicom in front of his snout, as if the tiny rectangle was enough to wall him off from the fuss. In the meantime, he taps away at it, movement flickering across his lenses.]
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[Sometimes, even Tucker could be serious.]

Sorry about your mom. That was...kind of a shitty thing for her to do. [And he said that as someone who had a good relationship with his mom; he loved her more than he really let on to anyone. But he was a single-parent and that shit? Well, it made him a little more line-facey at other parents who did dumb shit to their kids.]

And it's pretty fucking shitty that these assholes felt like it was totally okay to spread that shit everywhere so folks could see. You okay?
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Video - Private

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[Yeah if she's going to go into detail about her mother - or well, about anything - she's keeping it on private channels.]

Thank you.

I'm ... I wouldn't say okay, but I'll get through it.

[She pauses a moment to really think about the things it's brought up. Junkrat had been helping her move past her obsession with Overwatch, but it was a lifetime of things to work through.] Well, it's not like this was a surprise; I should have been expecting it at some point.
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Video - Private

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[Oooh, taking things private, huh?]

So, is this shit they do with everyone here? [Because he dreaded seeing his own, mostly because watching himself get stabbed again, watching his men get killed from him, watching his kid be spread for everyone's consumption? Not cool, man. Not cool.]

Did you mom seem like the type to pull that kind of shit?
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Re: Video - Private

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[Oh you wish :p ]

Apparently. I haven't seen one for everyone, but I also haven't found any sort of rhyme or reason to who they humiliate next.

[Best to prepare for the worst, which she's wishing she'd done.

At that comment, though, she goes quiet. He'd seen pretty much the whole of her life right up there; they hadn't pulled any punches.]

She loved me. I know she did, but sometimes ... I feel like she related better with her teammates. I was always trying to get on that level, and I don't think I ever got close.
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[You know how he rolls.]

Greeeeat. Makes me almost want to do damage control and just throw it all out there myself before they can. Fuckers.

[And why not? He was pretty open with his past, with what he had been through, with who he was. Sure, he wasn’t exactly thrilled that he as unwittingly/unwillingly made pregnant by aliens, but whatever, He loved his kid. A lot.

It’s just, people didn’t need to see his rock. Or him getting stabbed. Or Carolina putting a gun to his head.]

That’s just dumb. [Not you. Her. Mother of the Year.] You’re her kid; she should’ve tried to get on your level, not the other way around. Do you know how much Sangheili shit I had to learn so I could relate with my son? Yeah, tons; I’m a fucking diplomat now. And I did it because I love him and I wanted to. You shouldn't have to work for your own mom’s attention, I don’t’ give a shit what she does as her day job or who she is.

[And…maybe he’s crossing lines here, but fuck it; he has strong familial feelings. Especially considering he was more “mom” than “dad”, technically speaking.]
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