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[Miku has an uncharacteristic frown on her face, and she tugs lightly on a piece of her long fringe. Then, suddenly, she takes a deep breath and---]


[She bows quickly and then adds,] Sorry, this was for Brainiac.
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[Wash looks a bit better than he did a week ago; turns out a successful mission and a plan for the future really do help.]

We've all seen the Legionnaire Legacies, and I'm pretty sure we're all tired of them. Well, Mirage is a genius, and she had an idea: we'll make fake ones. Use our Anywhere Machine to pull real footage, create fake footage to supplement it, write our own narratives, and broadcast them. It'll discredit the press, and it might keep them off our backs, because there's no reason to broadcast someone's past if it's already been done by someone else.

So. Who's in?
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[ Those who know Tex have probably noticed she's been gone for some time, and that she didn't participate in the last round of missions. Before she left, she was often to be found in the training rooms and workout facilities, even though she doesn't have any muscles to work out and can't gain any strength. Tex gains satisfaction in life from being sharp and a good fighter and even though most of her abilities require her systems to be in good working order and calculating her opponents' moves, she likes to stay in practice.

But not long ago, researching the UP and the government's role in the Legion, she discovered something that she felt required more personal investigation. This situation is the conflict between Colu and Robotica, and how the former world attempted to block the latter from being accepted to the UP. In fact, she was intrigued when she learned how the UP in general treats citizens of Robotica, because she herself could easily be considered a similar lifeform.

It's the things she learned on this trip, as well as the changes the Legion has gone through in her absence, that have led her to decide to make this post. Tex isn't typically one to engage the video function, but that's what she chooses to do this time. She sets the omnicon on a desk in her quarters and stands across from it to film herself. ]

This is Lonestar and I just got back from a pretty informative trip. I know I left pretty suddenly, and I'm sorry I missed the last round of missions, but getting back and learning about the stuff you all accomplished, I'm just thinking about what might be done about what I learned.

I don't know if you're familiar with the planet called Colu, but they pretty much consider themselves to be the smartest and the best in the whole galaxy. They think they're so great, but the interesting thing is they can't stand the possibility that mechanical sentience might be rising on other planets. In fact, they went out and tried to stop this from happening on a planet called Robotica. Robotica got into the UP through the Legion's intervention, eventually, but Colu has attacked them even since that happened.

Now I don't want to be too presumptuous, and I don't want to question the way we run this organization, but I'm wondering—why would we support Robotica getting into the UP and not sanction Colu for treating them the way they have? It's not like we're not willing to help arrest corrupt politicians when we see the crap they cause going on. In fact, from what I've learned, Colu is essentially responsible for attempted genocide of the life on Robotica. That was a long time ago, yeah, but people on Colu live so long some of the ones who tried it are still around.

And yeah, before someone says it, I have a bias. That doesn't mean I can't see this garbage for what it is.
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[The Legion World staff maintains a feed of all Legion-related media so Legionnaires can be kept abreast of any reporting that's done on them. A segment has aired on Neutrino News about the Legionnaires and their capture of War and the corrupt Council-members.]

[Two women appear on the screen, sitting at a desk, their appearances altered by glam filters so that one is all pink hair and skin and sparkles, and the other is all in blues. They look pretty flashy and tacky but this is the future. Reporters don't exist anymore; they're "personalities" now. More serious news outlets have already reported on the Council-members; this is one of the fluffier retrospective programs that have aired.]

Shellee: I'm Shellee Star! [That would be the pink one.]

Tammee: And I'm Tammee Tim! [That would be the blue one.]

Together: And this is Legion Watch! [They say it in unison in the perkiest voices possible and a stylized graphic of the words "Legion Watch" appear at the bottom of the screen. Occasional clickable sidelinks pop up as the news show goes on.]
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[When Kid Q goes on the comms for the post-mission debrief, she is smiling. Smiling smiling smiling.]

I'm happy to report that both of the recent missions were a complete success. After we weakened Tsarista by breaking out of all her story scenarios, we managed to re-capture her in an omnicom. Some of our allies from Sorcerer's World have given us some assistance in providing better magical protections around her prison.

[Her smile widens slightly and goes mischievous.]

If anyone wants to see the pictures we got of Brainy turned into an adorable forest creature, Timber Wolf is making the rounds.
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Dudes! Check it out! I got sent home for a while and got a totally freakin' metal new mask! Literally!

[He flips down his new steel mask and models it.] Made it myself! Whaddya think? I think it's the coolest skull mask around myself.

[PRIVATE TO JUNKRAT, a little while after the first post.]

Hey, uh, listen dude. I wanted to say...I'm sorry for what happened when we first met. Guess I got a little trigger happy, huh?
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So uh. Quick question.

[ The feed shows Danny in what looks like the Observation Deck. The only other place he liked to hang out in that wasn't his Nasty Burger biome. He was sitting on the floor, his legs hanging out over the edge. Upper body leaning forward against the railing, as he stared off not at the planet below, but right into space. ]

Does anyone know if there's, like... an arcade around here or something? I've already looked around, and I don't think I saw anything like that. But I dunno, maybe I wasn't looking in the right places.

[ A pause, as he keeps staring into space. Until finally, another question: ]

Also, I was thinking... can I, like... go to the moon?

[ Another pause, in which he starts to feel like maybe that was a dumb question. ]

I-It's not a big deal, I don't really have to do it. I guess in the vegan space future, going to the moon probably isn't that big of an accomplishment anymore. [ A chuckle. ] Thinking about it now, I should probably be thinking about going to like, distant planets, or meeting aliens, or... I dunno, something bigger than going to the moon...

[ But the moon was familiar to him. And everything else here so far wasn't. ]

Anyway, yeah. I guess that's it.


Apr. 12th, 2017 09:41 am
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I greet you, my fellow Legionnaires.

[ The image accompanying said greeting is that of a young woman with pointed ears and tattoos across the upper part of her face, peering inquisitively into the camera. She thinks she's got this broadcast option thing down. ]

In case we haven't met? My name is Marjara.

[ Her lips quirk upwards, before her expression grows a little more somber. ]

I've been thinking something through. And I think I know what I want to do. But a little experience from other people who might have gone through similar circumstances would help. I think.

[ She's not going to ask them to choose for her. Gods knew she'd never let someone make her mind up for her before now, and she wasn't about to start...but learning about the shift? The consequences? The little things that came along with it that you might not initially think about? Might be worth the time to ask. ]

Have any of you lost a part of you, a limb or...something else of similar importance, and chose to have it replaced? Would you be willing to speak of what it was like for you?

If not, I still thank you for your time.
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Morning, culture lovers.

[Someone's in a chipper mood. Might have something to do with the fact that she's in the sim room, sitting alongside an oversized motorcycle that is in no way compensating for anything.]

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Apr. 6th, 2017 05:44 pm
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You guys weren't kidding.

Time travel's a hell of a thing.

[ooc note: Gwen's been updated to her most current canon point!]
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[ An incredibly fuzzy image blips across the screen, dark with some patches of skin, which ends up looking like a forehead as the camera pulls back a little. The screen shudders and the audio rustles noisily as she sets up the camera to point it at herself. She speaks directly over the speaker, mumbling low under her breath at first. ]

Testing, testing...

[ Then she draws back completely and with the most utmost concentration, she positions it so it captures at least most of her upper body. She's a skinny little teenager with massive hair, decked out in all black. ]

Hellooo, Legionnaires! Lash here, and this is experiment number three. Now I know, I know, I know what you're thinking! "What's with this cute mysterious girl? Boy, would I love to know more about her! Why doesn't she say a few words about herself?!" Well, that's because we've got way more important things to do here!

[ She giggles, an almost diabolical squeaking that sounds distinctly like a "Teeheehee!" ]

Check this out!

[ She presses her palm against the wall of her room, the ones the Legion assigns the newcomers, and her entire body begins to slowly transform. Not just her body, but her clothing, too. The semi-matte texture of the smooth wall turns Lash into a statue of white. Her wild hair almost seems a little too top-heavy, though, and she tilts slightly to one side. ]

Whoa— OK! Looks like the volume is a liiiiittle more equal to the mass than my actual hair, but it's not too bad. I can work with this.


Apr. 3rd, 2017 12:36 pm
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How's it so many of you are runnin' about and not bringin' back any stories with you? Some of us could use it you know! Instead of havin' 'em all dumped out when they drop those spots on the news, anyway.


Tracer is broadcasting from the monitor room, where she's clearly been serving out her duties with as much patience as she can muster (read: not a lot). Even with all of the activity, Tracer can't deal with the tedium. She's rigged up a way to continuously spin herself in a chair while she spends time dispatching Legionnaires as is expected of her. Even with that, she's incredibly restless, and has herself perched in the window, lounging on the sill in a manner that probably would be considered unsafe if she weren't capable of rewinding time around her.

Overwatch's systems were mostly automated. When a warning went out, the Strike Team left -- and that was the end of it. This dispatching nonsense makes her thankful that it never got quite as large, but also makes her nostalgic.

That's not the only thing, but. Well, its a big part of it. And while she's trying to think of a way to bring up that first thing without outing herself, she can be seen tapping her fingers nervously on the big glowing machine on her chest.]

...speakin' of stories. How many of you lot got families back where you came from? Maybe a better half...

[She pauses here -- not too long though. Don't want to be suspicious.] you think they're still lookin' for you? It's been a tick, hasn't it?


Mar. 28th, 2017 06:37 pm
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-A new face has appeared! At least new to almost everyone of the Legionnaires save for one. And boy does she have a ten mile wide smile. She's practically bounding in her seat as she starts to record the video. Fortunately for her, these devices aren't impenetrably high tech. Hell, compared to spellphones, they're downright antiquated by being an actual physical object. Still, those blue eyes of her (what was with the odd rings in her irises?) were shining with what could only be described as wonder.-

"To the Legion of Superheroes I make this solemn pledge: To use my powers for good. To fight for justice and protect the innocent. To aid my fellow Legionnaires in times of peril and to keep their secrets safe.

I choose a new name to honor the heroes of the past. I am Miss Guns-n-Roses!"

It all sounds so romantic! The life of a super hero! I can hardly believe it! If there are three jobs every girl wants in life, they are being a queen, being a rock star, and being a super hero, and while I've come really close to two of those, this third one is right at my doorstep! I'm already here, even!

Who knows, in between rescuing cute alien animals and saving innocent people from danger and evil, I might even finally find MR. Guns-n-roses! -She's starting to talk faster, like really fast...- Can you imagine? If I were the wife of a super hero, with both of us being super heroes, we'd become the ultimate power couple! The literal ultimate power couple! Our honeymoon would be on a distant planet with the most gorgeous of sunsets over a glowing ocean, but be interrupted by a sudden attack from a dastardly, scheming villain! He'd cackle, -She deepens her voice throwing her head back and turning her hands upwards with fingers hooked- "MWA HA HA HA! I FINALLY HAVE YOU, MR AND MRS GUNS-N-ROSES! PREPARE TO SUFFER!"

But our love is too strong for them! In a long, blistering battle, we destroy the evil with the marvelous full strength of love between husband and wife! A bond unbreakable by the most terrorizing villains of the galaxy! We'll stand as a testament to love, and when the dust settles, we'll hold each other closely! Mr. Guns-n-Roses will say to me -Another deep voice, and a bad British accent, apparently?- "Darling, I don't just fight for the galaxy, I fight for you, and nothing can take you away from me~"

-... Her nose is bleeding. A lot. Oh god.- So perfect...

A-anyways, hello! -She quickly grabs a tissue to dab up that rush of blood.- I'm actually Elphelt Valentine! It's nice to meet you all, and I hope we can all work together for a better tomorrow~!
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[Miku keeps her eyes down. Behind her is her quarters, looking as inviting and comfortable (and ridiculously pink) as can be.] I wanted to ask a question. My older brother was a folklorist, and he used to tell me all sorts of old folktales while also writing about new, urban legends.

[She fiddles with the comb that keeps her bun in place.] A lot of the ones I know are... they're a bit messy. But, I thought there are so many other people here, I wouldn't mind hearing an urban legend or two from you? If you'd like to, of course.

I'll share mine, but... like I said a lot of them are, ah... a bit scary.

((TW For creepy things and stories that sometimes have gore and murder in them))


Mar. 21st, 2017 05:52 pm
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[It takes a moment for the camera to adjust, but no matter how hard it tries the figure on screen seems to be bouncing about, constantly taking themselves out of view and absolutely ruining any sort of focus.]

Hey, hey. So, this is pretty low tech, huh? Can anyone hear me? Hellooooooo?

[There's a slight muffled thunk as Tenno reaches forward to tap at the camera with one finger.]

Yeah, so about that hero thing, when does it start? Like, I'm all ready to go now yep, no time like the present to head out so uhhh where do we go to start kicking butt?
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[ The Legion World staff maintains a feed of all Legion-related media so Legionnaires can be kept abreast of any reporting that's done on them. Two women appear on the screen, sitting at a desk, their appearances altered by glam filters so that one is all pink hair and skin and sparkles, and the other is all in blues. They look pretty flashy and tacky but this is the future. Reporters don't exist anymore; they're "personalities" now. ]

Shellee: I'm Shellee Star! [ That would be the pink one. ]

Tammee: And I'm Tammee Tim! [ That would be the blue one. ]

Shellee: Welcome to another installment of Legion Watch: Legionnaire Legacies! We’ve covered war and loss and monstrous decisions, the apocalypse, and after our last episode we thought we could show you something lighter! Tonight we take a look at the boisterous bachelor in beige armor, Locksmith.

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Patterns are emerging in the intelligence Kid Quantum handed out. It's time we narrowed down our search so we can plan our next mission accordingly.

[ooc: Though only people who signed up for clues can hand them out, anyone on the team can participate in the discussion to figure them out.]
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[The Legion World staff maintains a feed of all Legion-related media so Legionnaires can be kept abreast of any reporting that's done on them. Two women appear on the screen, sitting at a desk, their appearances altered by glam filters so that one is all pink hair and skin and sparkles, and the other is all in blues. They look pretty flashy and tacky but this is the future. Reporters don't exist anymore; they're "personalities" now.]

Shellee: I'm Shellee Star! [That would be the pink one.]

Tammee: And I'm Tammee Tim! [That would be the blue one.]

Shellee: And this is another investigative episode of of Legion Watch: Legionnaire Legacies! Today, our featured Legionnaire brings up a rather controversial question: should a so-called 'hero' be weighed by the sum of their deeds, both good and evil?

Tammee: Or can a person some would consider downright villainous change their ways, fight against the dark urges in their heart, and find redemption among the ranks of the Legion?

Shellee: Villain? Oh my. That seems a little harsh, doesn't it?

Tammee: The truth is harsh, Shellee. And we here are dedicated to uncovering the truth. As I've always said, the public has a right to know.

Shellee: Too true, Tammee. Well, viewers! If you want sinful secrets brought to light and checkered pasts laid bare, look no further. This is no tale of knights in shining armor. This is the Legion's very own armored bad boy, Locus!

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[Someone's been doing some reading in her off-time. After a bit of discussion with unnamed parties, a change suddenly goes into effect in the networks. Suddenly, all profanity on the networks, as well as clever attempts to dance around said profanity by spacing it out, switching to a foreign language, or using symbols, has been replaced by cutesy terms such as gently caressing, lovely, fluffy bunny, sweater sniffer, and kitten huffing. And more along those lines.

It goes through on voice and video, as well, updating the Legionnaire's words in real time. Any attempts to mouth it out or write it down has a United Planets logo stamped over the offending words, as well as a short snippet of text underneath the logo explaining that they're in violation of the Government Agency Profanity Prohibition Act of 2917. It's an archaic law, over a hundred years old, that never quite got repealed. It tried to push professionalism by banning profane and blasphemous language within official channels.

For her part, America's pleased to watch the chaos happen. She's sitting back in her room, popping salted blurple berries into her mouth, and waiting. It probably won't last long before someone resets the entire network or convinces Brainiac 5 to undo her silent partner's work, but it would be entertaining and informative to see how far her teammates take things.

[[ For words that ARE Justice Department approved, as well as important info on this post, see the OOC community here. ]]
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[cw: Dipper's canon is supernatural/horror, so this LL contains everything from zombies (including eye gore), to petrified thrones of human agony, to implications of suicide, to tooth gore, to blood...waterfalls. If you have a specific horror squick you want to try to avoid, but want to read, PM me (Korel) and I'll let you know if it's in here.]

[The Legion World staff maintains a feed of all Legion-related media so Legionnaires can be kept abreast of any reporting that's done on them. Two women appear on the screen, sitting at a desk, their appearances altered by glam filters so that one is all pink hair and skin and sparkles, and the other is all in blues. They look pretty flashy and tacky but this is the future. Reporters don't exist anymore; they're "personalities" now.]

Shellee: I'm Shellee Star! [That would be the pink one. ]

Tammee: And I'm Tammee Tim! [That would be the blue one.]

Shellee: Welcome to another installment of Legion Watch: Legionnaire Legacies. In this episode, we're focusing on one of the youngest Legionnaires, a teenager who has inspired controversy with his actions in Murderworld, and has caused many to be intrigued about his possible origins. Tonight, we'll focus on a Legionnaire whose motivations are as mysterious as his callsign: Dipper Pines, aka Captain Mystery!

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