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[This isn't the first time there's been a video post on Legion's network made by a rabbit, but it is the first time the rabbit making it is six feet tall, with an accent thick enough to cut with a knoife.]

G'day, mates. I'm the Easter Bunny.

[This would be the place to insert a punchline, if this were a joke. Bunny does not insert one. Actually, by his smug smile, he seems pretty proud of the title.]

I'm gonna need to get down to Earth sooner rather than later. Gettin' dragged out here did away with most've my powers, and I need to get down to a real bush to figure out what I've still got. Who's headed planetside when?
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[Late morning after this 3 AM nightmare, Wash gets on the network sounding both frustrated and vindicated.]

To anyone who received a 3 AM wakeup call last night: I want to apologize on behalf of the idiot making the calls, even though I had nothing to do with it, and let you know that the problem has been...taken care of.

[Wash has Reaper trapped the shit out of every door to York's part of the hab deck. The traps are visible from the outside, so visitors know to avoid them, but not from the inside, where York currently is.]
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[ The background audio is pretty quiet, just the odd white noise of York's habitat as he, well. Wonders at nothing in particular after a long night of coding. It's roughly the ass end of the morning, about 3 AM. ]
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[The video snaps on. It’s Ferro, and even through his iron mask it’s easy to tell that the boy is disturbed.]

So, uh. After, you know. Blue Rose dropped in. And vanished. After that, I felt like I needed to visit the Hall Of Fallen Heroes and, you know. Pay my respects to her and our other friends.

[He clears his throat and glances around.]

Um. All of the statues are gone. It’s supposed to be impossible, only Legionnaires have access to the memorial hall, but, well. Take a look.

[He sweeps his camera across the room. It’s a peaceful area, meant for solemn remembrance It’s also completely empty. The pedestals that the massive golden statues stood on are still there, but none of the statues, not Monstress, not Element, not Blue Rose, are present. He refocuses on himself.]

Judge Beeny, Mr. Allen, could you come down and sweep the area with your, uh. Forensics stuff? I’m not trained for that, you might find something I missed.

[They won’t, but it would be good to do a sweep anyway.]

I did find these, though. They were on a saucer in the middle of the room.

[He holds up four cards with question marks on the back. One of them just has pictures. Another says ’ Even if I said that it was the Opal of Earth, you wouldn't understand the gravity of it.’ The third says ’ Even though I fell on Judgement Day, I came back. It took much longer than three days, in my case.’ And the final card says ’ Some revered me like a god. To others, I was a waste hauler. To all, I mean something.’]

I’m no good with riddles. I always just turned the magazines upside down to get the answers. Can any of you make sense out of this?


Jul. 3rd, 2017 12:21 am
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[Well. Audio + a picture.

Jason sounds entirely too pleased with himself after uploading that shot.

Look at what I found! They're pretty cheap, considering.

I'm probably gonna get them. They do custom orders, too! If you want, I can drop a few orders for you guys while I'm here.


Jul. 3rd, 2017 12:00 am
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Well, isn't this nice?

[Peter has a mug of coffee clasped between his hands and is wearing an obnoxiously acid green t-shirt. You can take the man out of the gym, but you can't take the gym out of the man. His tastes haven't changed that much.]

Electricity. Hot running water. Coffee. As much alcohol as I can imbibe. It's delightful.

[Yes, he does intend to take advantage of the new-found luxury.]

I would love to say that I'm shocked to be here and all those platitudes about trying to adjust, but really, this makes about as much sense as anything else that's happened to me in the last few years.

Zombie apocalypse, insane hippies with mind-control rays, people growing lizard scales... superheroes and alternate realities seems like the next logical step, as far as logic has anything to do with it.

[He takes a long drink of his coffee.]

Oh yes. You can call me Peter. I'm... A Runner, entertainer, part-time spy and occasional meat shield. I'm sure we'll have a marvellous time together.


Jun. 28th, 2017 04:00 pm
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[Oh, hey, it's Babbage. And he's waving.]

I'm back! And bearing gifts! Not for everyone, sorry. I only have so much budget.

So, first order of business, I had fun at the movie festival. It was good all around. Managed to meet up with some old friends and handle old business. We're going to get together for a project in the near future, so I'm hoping everyone can keep the universe safe until then.

Timber Wolf: I found some crystal statues for the cub. They work as data crystals too, so that'll be useful as he ages up!

[The statues in question are about four inches high. Red, gold, green, and blue. No black, unfortunately. But they're all done up as Legionnaires. Some time went into that.]

Kid Quantum: A non-magnetic alarm clock!

[He just figured it'd be useful.]

Wash! I have a movie! Maybe you can show it at movie night if you like, it might be a bit too old for your tastes. I haven't seen it yet, but it's supposed to be a legendary feature!

And Cortana, Delta, Theta, I picked up something for us, too.

[The camera focuses back on Babbage and zooms out. He's wearing a... very brightly striped polo shirt. Blue with gold stripes. He's holding up three more, one sized for her and the other two in miniature for Delta and Theta.]

I was thinking that if we decided on a team theme, we could go with green and magenta thread for the letters. Green outline, magenta filling?

Everyone else, I got you some mugs! They play soothing jazz when filled with coffee. The hotter the coffee, the more soothing. The lower the liquid level gets, the more energetic the jazz! Or you can just use the controls in the handles, that works too.
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Hey there. For those of you who don't know me already, I'm Dr. Ray Stantz, and I'm a paranormal investigator.

So, I've noticed lately that we've gotten a few skeptics in board lately, and it made me wonder about something. How many of us have encountered the supernatural before the Legion? You know, psychics, ghosts, demons, magic, goblins, gremlins, Nessie, vampires, that sort of thing? If you have any stories about the paranormal, I'd love to hear them. If you'd rather not go into details, that's fine too. Just a little curious, is all.
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[The feed opens on what could be a stock footage from a business video; Claire has found her habitat and she's broadcasting from behind the desk of her office, overlooking a corporate campus. She herself is dressed smartly in pale colors.]

Good afternoon, Legion. I thought I should introduce myself. My name is Claire Dearing, otherwise known as The Director. [Keeping it professional, but there's still a little hesitance with her 'superhero name' because seriously, she's a grown woman.]

Back home I was Director of Park Operations for a, uh ... an amusement park, [Sure yeah let's leave it there,] and I'd like to offer my services to anyone who might need business advice. This can be anything from finances, public relations, general or specialized business practices.

[Please just give her something normal to work with.]

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you.
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Does time travel stuff happen here quite often?

[She pauses for a moment, thinking.]

I can understand strange things happening, after all, we've all been pulled into a strange world and given different powers.

I can't say much, it's been thirty years since I've changed and I fought Nazi Vampires.
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So apparently I unleashed my inner child on some of you earlier. [A playful way of admitting she was caught by the Time Ripples and was now returned to her original age.] If the stash of string in my room is any indication, I think a few of you got presents. I uh, still have a few random ones if anyone wants them? Or I guess I could donate them ... [She shrugs, TINY SELF WHAT IS SHE SUPPOSED TO DO WITH YOUR WELL-INTENTIONED OFFAL]

I don't remember a lot of details, so if anyone could fill me in, I would appreciate it.

Encrypted to Junkrat

I'll be by later.

[Just excuse her while she turns her room upside down looking for her ring oops]
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[ The image on the screen is not of any member of the Legion. Instead, it is of what looks like a smallish rummage sale of things meant to fit into pockets. ]

If anyone's misplaced anything during the weird slide-y timeline situation, there's a bunch of stuff here on the Observation Deck now.

[ What crazy random happenstance, the professional thief has found missing items! You might want to come claim anything that's yours before it gets really rummage sale.

Or maybe not, if the item you've misplaced is embarrassing. And there are a surprising number of embarrassing things in the hoard on display.
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[ Judging by the fake sunlight, Grif is somewhere on the hab deck. Somewhere open, with a bright sky, but most of the frame is taken up by his helmet and shoulders so it's hard to pick out where exactly.

Despite his conversational tone he sounds... sort of tired. There's an edge in his voice that doesn't really show up in his usual bullshit comm posts. ]

Time travel. We all hate time travel.

[ Count on Grif to be able to read the team mood, right? ]

So, here's some time travel life advice: If somebody from the future ever tells you that you shouldn't ask future questions and know future stuff and it's for the best if you don't know, trust them?

It's not for your best and you need to tell them to fuck off. Trust me instead.

[ It's just a friendly PSA. There is no way he's vagueing about Wash Tucker anyone that anyone here knows. Not at all. This is just Grif being topical and irreverent, the scamp.

...But really, he's actually pretty upset right now. He's gained 5 years' worth of memory, and his most recent involves writing off everyone he thought he considered a friend. Grif is still mad. And, perhaps, though he wouldn't admit it, just a little hurt. ]

((NOTE: Grif has been updated to episode 6 of season 15. ))
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[ Someone's been noticing a pattern. Maybe not necessarily connected to the age fluctuations, but one never knows. Instead, she wrinkles her nose slightly. ]

Is it just me, or have people here become a good deal more...amorous, lately?

It's something in the water, isn't it.
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 [ Are you tired of random kids popping up with not clear explanation?  Too bad here's another one: small, red headed, freckly and currently about 10 feet up in the air.  Because flight ring. ]

Hey, these rings are super cool, but where can I get a skateboard?  Those still exist in the future, right?  Do you guys have hover boards?  Or like rocket powered skateboards?  That would be way, way cooler.

[ Pause for slight altitude adjustment while the nameless kid drifts aimlessly through a doorway.]

This place is really huge, though.  How do you guys even get anywhere when you're in a hurry?  They said I'm supposed to have superpowers, but I've tried teleporting and shit and nothing's different.  How do you tell if you have powers?

[ These aimless questions could probably carry on for a while, but luckily for everyone, she gets distracted by something in the hall she's drifting down and ends the transmition without much further ado. ]

[ooc: deeply belated header change, cuz i don't know how things like dates work. ]
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Being a hero is cool and all but you know what's even better?

[For most, Genji is probably entirely unrecognizable except to a few. Even then, with dyed green hair, he still is....different. Combined with the clash of personality, it's even worse.]

Good looks! Mine aside, a lot of you certainly have enough to turn some eyes. Yeah, I mean my own too.

[Sense of responsibility? Completely gone. Fun and games is all this 'adult' cares about. Being a spoiled rich boy has given him massive personality flaws.]

We'll start a virtual line for dates right here. My schedule is free and you're more than welcome to come at the same time. So who wants to be first?
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[ The feed is an orange tabby cat. The cat is staggering around a hallway, mewling with increasing unhappiness that echoes around the large brass helmet that has engulfed its head.

Suddenly and without warning, the cat puffs up four sizes and throws itself into a wrestling match with the helmet and floor. Niels writhes and scratches at the helmet, and several times launches his haunches in the other direction, bouncing them lightly off the floor with a tiny burst of bubbles.

May I present the grand supreme leader of the Nova Corps, Nova Feline?

[ The cat stops when it hears Robbie's voice and beelines towards the sound of the Person who has done this horrible thing to it. The camera tracks down, just catching the impact of blind fuzzball of doom smacking into Robbie's legs at top speed.

Unfortunately, this cat is not simply going to be dazed by the impact. It goes hurtling off in the other direction, ping ponging off the walls and picking up speed. A trail of kinetic energy bubbles is left in his wake. There's a soft exhalation of 'oh shit' when Niels successfully turns a corner, but Robbie is all-in at this point.

Robbie turns the omnicom back to selfie mode and smirks.

Is that a big enough joke for you, Kid Nova? Don't worry - I've got a tracker on his collar, so I'll keep an eye on Niels.

I'm not helping you get your helmet though, Buckethead.
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[The young man that shows up on screen looks infinitely younger than his adultier self, despite only being just a few years younger. The Annihilation War had aged him, made little lines and wrinkles appear on his face. For someone in his late twenties, Rich could sometimes look like he was in his thirties, especially when he scowled.]

[But the Rich that shows up on the screen has only fought in one war, and most of his darker memories of the Xandar-Skrull War have been locked up tight by the Xandarians and are yet to be recovered. He doesn't remember Epyrus-7 or the way he mercy-killed both sides after they started to disintegrate. He doesn't remember the fall of Xandar, or watching Quasar get ripped apart in front of him. He's only just old enough to legally drink.]

[All the scars are gone -- figuratively and literally. His right arm is flesh and blood. The scar over the right side of his face has been replaced by perfect skin. This isn't even his ponytail phase, where he was scruffy and impulsive, but had a heart of gold. This is him at the time where he was at his most shallow, fame-obsessed, and insufferably cocky. ]

[He pops up on the screen, practically buoyant with boyish enthusiasm.]

My more-of-an-adult self left me a letter explaining this time weirdness thing that's going on. Blue blazes, I can't believe it took winding up in another universe to hit the big time, but at least it finally happened! This team is basically like the Avengers of this universe, right?

Does older me get all the babes? I bet he gets all the babes. Heck, I was looking at that anonmeme thing and it said not only did I work things out with Namorita, there were also rumors I was with a bunch of other people, too! So I guess I've just got that animal magnetism or something.

[He waves a hand vaguely at the screen.]

Now that I'm a little less grizzled than stumpy, older me looked? Please, all of you, try to restrain yourselves?

[Yes, he seems serious. 100% dead serious, like he completely believes everyone of a certain age will clearly want to jump his bones.]

And I saw him -- me -- talking about being some bigtime space war hero, too! A general! Finally, I'm not stuck with the New Warriors in the bush leagues, practically in traction.

[Yes, he's trashing his superhero team as being beneath him.]

So, tell me, does this Legion thing come with any other perks? Like, aside from getting paid? Like, can we sell rights for movie deals or something? Or get our appearance licensed for the equivalent of Happy Meal toys?

Ooh, ooh, did older me tell any cool stories about the space war? He -- I -- mentioned that it was giant evil space bugs in the letter. I bet that was all like Starship Troopers, except, y'know, cooler. On account of superpowers and actually being able to beat them and stuff. And not being anti-war satire.

[He squints at the letter, which is on the screen next to his comm display.]

Uh, the letter I wrote to myself also says "Tell Robbie to take your omnicom away" but I don't know what older me was even thinking with that. Toothpick, if you try to steal my comm, I'm gonna wedgie you at lightspeed. It also says "stay away from Grif," whoever that is.

[A pause.]

Also...Sam, is it? I guess older me let you go by Nova and he was going by Nova Prime but that's not how it works with kid sidekicks. So you're "Kid Nova" now. Don't worry about changing it, I already told the tech people that handle the roster to fix our superhero names.

[Someone steal his comm and save this man from himself.]
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[Klaxons suddenly start blaring through Legion World, due to certain alarms set in the lab complex. Something has exploded. Somethings, plural, judging from what's visible on the screen when Brainy's message broadcasts. Half the lab is trashed and smoking. Fortunately for Brainy's labmates, anything that isn't Brainy's experiments is apparently shielded, but he has no problems with destroying his adult self's work.]

[It's not really that he's doing it on purpose so much as he's reverted to a time where blowing up labs was part of his standard methodology.]

[He's ten, and even the small amount of self-control and restraint he had as a teenager is now gone. What isn't gone is his intellect, which means his capacity for destruction is...extensive.]

Ignore the alarms. My idiotic adult self seems to have developed a more limiting view regarding lab safety. Philistine.

[His voice is colder now, almost robotic.]

There's only a 1.4563 % chance this experiment will destroy Legion World. So all of you little people can simply carry on with your mundane existence.

[The experiment he's working on is glowing ominously and throbbing, making a strange WOMMM noise that keeps increasing in volume and frequency. He doesn't seem to be alarmed by it, though he does pull goggles down over his eyes.]

[ooc: Anyone can respond to this but the action thread to stop it has already been promised to Wash and York.]


Jun. 6th, 2017 01:01 am
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[If Garrus looks a little bit uncomfortable, it's only because he is. He's not exactly at home in front of the camera, especially in any kind of official capacity. He's always worried - probably justifiably - about tripping up or saying something stupid.

[Still, he's already been pulled into another dimension and narrowly avoided death today. He's fairly certain he's seen the worst of it no matter how badly he botches his introduction, and for some reason that's reassuring.]

Hi, everyone. I'm Garrus Vakarian with ... honestly, I'm not sure what outfit I'm with anymore. [It's gotten very complicated over the past few years. There's a beat before he adds thoughtfully] I guess it's the Legion now.

Not really sure how all of this works, but I'm a former Citadel Security Investigations Officer, turian military before that, and up until recently I was the resident marksman on the Normandy if that means anything to anyone who happens to see this.

[Not that he expects anyone to.]

As for codenames, mine is Archangel.

[He pauses.]

That's all I can think of as far as introductions go, so ... I guess I'll see you all in the field.


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